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HDTV Converter

19 September 2009

Convert edited digital camera images to DCF compatible images.


HDTV Converter... Images created or edited in photo editors, such as Photoshop, images created from camera RAW files, and images created with film scanners can not be displayed by HDTV photo players, such as the Panasonic Photo Player, or photo frames. The HDTV Converter changes these images into a DCF compliant format, which is required by these devices.

The HDTV Converter takes JPG and TIFF images, and converts them into one of three formats:

  • High quality HDTV 16:9 aspect-ratio 1920x1080 pixel format.
  • Original aspect-ratio images in letterboxed HDTV 1920x1080 pixel format.
  • Original aspect-ratio images with a height of 1080 pixels.
A DCF compliant preview thumb is inserted into every converted image.

What's new in HDTV Converter

Version 1.5:
  • The HDTV Converter has been updated to a 64-bit application, and is optimized for Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6). As such, version 1.5.0 only works with OS X 10.6.
  • For earlier systems, please download one of the appropriate versions of the HDTV Converter.
  • Several bugs in the use of the vertical cropping slider have been fixed.
  • The default output format and the output format per image now work again as described in the User Guide.
  • Some bugs in the thumb insertion routine have been fixed.
  • Fixed some bugs in the use of the vertical slider, which occurred in certain combinations.

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