ToringoLib for REALbasic
ToringoLib for REALbasic


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ToringoLib for REALbasic

25 March 2008

Set of plugins in RBX format.


ToringoLib for REALbasic is a group of REALbasic plugins in RBX format. Currently, it made up of ToringoCrypto and ToringoDRMInfo. It also includes detailed documentation and plenty examples.

ToringoCrypto plugin provides functions such as encryption, decryption and checksum calculating based on some common cryptology algorithms for REALbasic developers. Currently, it supports RSA (128 to 1024) and DES/3DES/TDEA encryption, decryption and CRC 16/32 checksum. It's the first REALbasic plugin which implement unsymmetrical encryption function and public-key cryptography algorithm.

ToringoDRMInfo is designed for uniquely identifying computers via some hardware physical information which is unique, stable and hard to be juggled. Features provided by this plugin are useful to implement software registration, license granting (such as a license for allowing someone to play a specific media file or read a specific e-book), data encryption, permission validation, and some other DRM (Digital Rights Management) functions based on a specific machine.

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  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • or later
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