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03 April 2014

Develop secure, Web-based, database-driven applications.


web2py is an Open-Source framework for agile development of secure Web-based, database-driven Web applications, programmable in Python.

The package includes a Web server, a SQLite database, a Python interpreter, and a Web-based interface. Development, deployment, and maintenance of Web applications, as well as database administration, is done via the provided Web interface.


  • Follows the Model-View-Controller software engineering pattern, similar to Ruby on Rails.
  • Can handle HTML, RSS, CSV, AJAX, JSON, and WIKI markup, and can talk to MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases.
  • Provides a ticketing system for reporting and logging errors.
  • Applications developed with web2py can be packaged and distributed in Python byte-code-compiled closed-source form.

What's new in web2py

Version 2.9.5:
  • Many small but important bug fixes
  • Jquery 1.11
  • Codemirror 3.21, thanks Paolo Valleri
  • Fixed security issue with sessions in database, thanks Nathan Humphreys
  • Fixed security issue with persistant data in session, thanks Kiran
  • Fixed security issue with redirect after expired login, thanks André Kablu
  • Cleaner DAL and rname integration, thanks niphlod and Michele
  • Added mongodb and imap tests for dal, thanks Alan
  • NoSQL dal tests, thanks Alan
  • Better docstrings, thanks Niphlod
  • Allow URL(...,language=...) with parametric router, thanks Jonathan
  • Allow non-expiration of gae-memcache, thanks crimsoncantab
  • MARKMIN(...,_class='...'), thanks Luca
  • Better transliteration in building slugs
  • Autolink emails
  • New Janrain API, thanks PeterQ2
  • Enable admin app for GAE (experimental), thanks Alan
  • Invalidate function in web2py.js, thanks Paolo
  • DAL(...,adapter_args=dict(engine='MyISAM'))
  • Todolist panel in admin editor, thanks Paolo Valleri

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