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19 May 2008

Create interactive 3D presentations for the Web.


WireFusion offers the ultimate in professional tools required for quick and easy creation of interactive concept designs, digital prototypes, architectural visualizations, e-commerce and e-learning solutions.

Use your favorite 3D authoring tool, such as Maya, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, LightWave 3D, Blender or any other 3D tool capable of exporting to X3D or VRML, to bring your 3D models and 3D worlds to life. Import your 3D content into WireFusion and have it published to the web. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

What's new in WireFusion

Version 5.0.19:
  • New feature: When publishing as an Applet, you can now choose to let the presentaion warn when other WireFusion presentations are already running.
  • New feature: Push Text/Text Pushed ports added to TextArea, TextField, ComboBox and PasswordField.
  • New feature: Push Value/Value Pushed ports added to SpinBox.
  • New feature: Push Selection State/Selection State Pushed ports added to CheckBox, RadioButton, ToggleButton, ImageCheckBox and ImageRadioButton.
  • Bug fix: In ImageButton, ImageCheckBox and ImageRadioButton, modifying a label appearance could affect the label appearance belonging to another state, even if chosen not to do so.
  • Bug fix: In 3D Scene, the WireFusion Popup appeared when releasing the right mouse button outside the 3D area.
  • Bug fix: In 3D Scene, wireframe rendering on objects with polygons containing more than 3 vertices did not always render all edges.
  • Bug fix: In 3D Scene, the last mouse navigation movement when releasing the mouse button was not processed.
  • Bug fix: In 3D Scene, when activating a Navigation Renderer the rendering would sometimes not be switched back to normal rendering.
  • Bug fix: In the 3D Scene dialog, improvements have been made on the resizing of the window and the tab panels.
  • Bug fix: In 3D Scene, the camera animation when setting a camera using the API method X3DScene.setViewpoint(...) did not work.
  • Bug fix: In 3D Scene, when using World mode and animating the floor under the Avatar (eg. an elevator), the Avatar was not affected.

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