Interface Kit

1.0.4 06 May 2008

Allows a REALBasic app to use controls otherwise unavailable.


Developer website: Sam Rowlands

Interface Kit makes it easy to add and use additional System controls that are not available in REALBasic. The Interface Kit cross-matches controls across Mac & Windows, making it easier to provide similar experiences while keeping consistent with each platform. Most of these controls are drawn by the system and use the very latest code for maximum speed and compatibility. These controls take are Core Graphics Powered on the Mac.

Some of the controls available with the Interface Kit

  • Buttons: Gradient, Textured, Help, Rounded Rect, Windows Command Link
  • Sliders: non-directional, down, up and Relevance bar
  • Multi-state: Checkboxes, Radio Buttons & Disclosure Buttons.
  • Segment Views: Inset, Navigation, Text Direction & Style
Key Advantages of the Interface Kit
  • Use native controls that RB doesn't support.
  • Use multi-state checkboxes, radio buttons and disclosure buttons.
  • Saves time and cost in suppling a pre-built, minimum configuration about box.
  • Uses Core Graphics on the Mac.
  • Requires no plug-ins, pure RB code.
  • Source Code is available (price negotiable).
  • Test it today with no time limit.
  • Easy to Install & Doesn't require an IDE restart to test, just copy the "Interface Kit Folder" into your project.

What's New

Version 1.0.4:
  • [Mod] Now works with the newly released 2008r2
Version 1.0.3:
  • [Add] Segment View Pieces can now specify their width
  • [Add] Segment View Pieces can now be Unclickable.
  • [Add] Metal Elements now auto engrave icons.
  • [Add] New Button Icons '+', '-', action, Home & Full Screen.
  • [Add] ifkSplitter.AddControl and ifkSplitter.RemoveControl for automatic management of dragging
  • [Add] Segment View Style: "Gradient".
  • [Add] New Button Type "Recessed
  • [Add] Ticks to Windows sliders
  • [Bug] Inset Segments no longer disappear on deactivate (Windows Only)
  • [Bug] Inset Segments now update correctly (Windows Only)
  • [Bug] ifkSplitter work properly on Container Controls.
  • [Bug] Vertical Sliders work correctly (Windows Only)
  • [Bug] Non-Live Sliders work correctly
  • [Bug] Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Combo Boxes, Popup Menus & Sliders now draw unthemed (Windows Only).
  • [Mod] Metal Buttons now align better vertically.
  • [Mod] Flicker Free Controls, using Buffering (Windows Only)
  • [Mod] ComboBox on Vista now only draws the menu button on mouse over (Windows Only)
  • [Mod] Rounded Rectangle Button & Gradient Button now use a theme (Windows Only)
Version 1.0.1:
  • [mod] All: Sliders & segment views now use the same size constants as the buttons.
  • [add] All: Segment Views can now be controlled by the keyboard.
  • [add] Mac: Segment Views now use the focus ring when they have focus.
  • [add] Windows: Regular Fixed sizes now size the controls to regular size.
  • [add] Windows: Focus Rectangles are now drawn on all the controls.
  • [bug] Windows: Default now only works on Push Buttons, eliminating the weird checkbox behavior.
  • [mod] Windows: Greatly reduced the flickering with sliders and splitters.
  • [mod] Windows: Segment View uses buttons as opposed to Tabs.
  • [mod] Minor fixes to the demo project (some code submitted by Andy Dent).


REALBasic 2006 or later

*Previously available here


Current Version (1.x)


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06 May 2008
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