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  • MindNode Lite has been discontinued
  • Developer
    IdeasOnCanvas GmbH
MindNode Lite is a free and very easy-to-use mindmapping application. It was created with the user in mind and features a very simple interface for quickly creating visual appealing mind maps.
What's New
Version 1.9.3
  • Fixes performance issues related to scrolling and text input.
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.7.3 or later

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MindNode Lite User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Blackmacdaddy reviewed on 14 Aug 2012
What an awesome little app to explain basic concepts to my students! The is the perfect foil against some of my text heavy documents. I saw that someone mentioned there's no grid option (which I was also looking for.)

However there is a free 131k utility on MacUpdate called GoldenMeanGrid that can help here. Great app for 'non-busy' big picture explanations. Thanks IdeasOnCanvas!
[Version 1.9]

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Blackmacdaddy replied on 14 Aug 2012
There's also Leopard & Snow Leopard older versions on the developers website, Google will get you there.

Blackmacdaddy replied on 14 Aug 2012
Free Ruler 1.7b5 2 is doing a great job for lining things up. You just need to position it outside of your MindNode document's boarders and it's the 'bee knees.'

Kihoalu replied on 22 Dec 2012
Thanks for suggesting FreeRuler.
It doesn't quite do the trick, but its definitely better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!
My issue is that FreeRuler has not seen development since 2007, but its still a band-aid that has value.

The handles in MindNode are not necessarily where you want to measure if you use FreeRuler.
FreeRuler doesn't appear to add gridsnap in my quick test.

The Pro version of MindNode does not add grid.
The biggest thing MindNode brings - is promise of future development & ease of use for simple charts.

MindNode does that well without a lot of complication & it imports/exports OPML so you can use it with OmniOutliner (not even OmniGraffle seems to import/export OPML) & you can use it with CircusPonies Notebook.


alexbrown reviewed on 05 Mar 2012
Very easy and useful. All my thoughts are under control
[Version 1.7.4]


Doug Engelbart commented on 02 Jan 2012
MU says "Requirements: PPC/Intel" and "Platform: PPC/Intel", but it downloads an Intel version only!!! Please correct this, MU...
[Version 1.7.4]

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MacUpdate-Warren replied on 02 Jan 2012
Thanks for the heads up!

Doug Engelbart replied on 03 Jan 2012
There is (!) a PPC/UB version which should be linked here. Please correct this, MU...


Tbrizitsky reviewed on 16 Nov 2011
Probably one of the best apps of its kind.
[Version 1.7.4]



Vinkri reviewed on 04 Nov 2011
MindNode is a free mindmapping tool.
Elegant, with bright colors and light interface.
Easy to use with fast keyboard navigation.

It's very good for what it does: write your ideas, organize your thoughts and thoroughly explore the topics you study.
It's really a "tool" with a simple goal: it presents your ideas in a nice way, but some features are missing: personalize rtf exported data, for example.

It's free, and therefore a very great software: can't beat the price, can you?
But Freemind is better for its features. However, its defaults are Mindnode's qualities: stability, speed and look-and-feel.

Free-Node would be great, then!
[Version 1.7.4]



Joeshmoe200us reviewed on 05 May 2011
Freemind is a lot more advanced and also free. Yet a slight bit more of a learning curve then MindPro.

However, MindPro has a simpler user interface, a good and quick way to get into mindmaping. Once your'e ready to move on to more advanced features, I would upgrade to Freemind to get all the bells and whistles, not the paid MindPro program.
[Version 1.6.3]



Barisart reviewed on 23 Feb 2011
This piece of software lets you organize your thoughts very quickly. Its user interface is very elegant and easy to use. If you work on small projects and you don't have to think about really complex problems MindNode is perfect.
Sometimes you wish you could add some notes or links to your nodes but I guess you then have to use a more complex program or buy MindNode Pro.
[Version 1.6.1]



Cocoanut reviewed on 07 Feb 2011
Very nice app. Thanks for making it free.
[Version 1.6.1]


Innergod reviewed on 14 Dec 2010
I Love MindNode.
Would like to have just a bit more functions like some form of alignment or a grid to work on. Also connecting multiple nodes back to 1.
In some cases this would be very helpful.
But overall great app!
[Version 1.6]



Filp reviewed on 10 Dec 2010
If you need a hundred dollars worth of program, maybe you need Omnigraffle. But if what you want is, as the man says, "elegant" mind mapping, you can't do much better than this. And dev has been very responsive to problems.
[Version 1.6]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.


Sos-Ufo rated on 08 Jan 2013

[Version 1.9.3]


Pripyat rated on 16 May 2012

[Version 1.7.4]

abgillies rated on 14 Nov 2011

[Version 1.7.4]


craigfin74 rated on 21 Jul 2011

[Version 1.7]


craigfin74 rated on 24 Jan 2011

[Version 1.6]

Terrysky rated on 05 Jan 2011

[Version 1.6]

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Type:Business : Personal Info Managers
Date:10 Dec 2012
Platform:Intel 64 / OS X
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MindNode Lite is a free and very easy-to-use mindmapping application. It was created with the user in mind and features a very simple interface for quickly creating visual appealing mind maps.

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