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Create rubrics and evaluation forms for student work.


Developer website: iSocrates Assessment, Evaluation & Feedback Systems

iSocrates first sprang to life out of necessity. With all of the pressures associated with academic careers, how does the busy instructor provide his or her students with useful feedback and evaluation?

We would all like to think that each student evaluation we give back is a true gem of wisdom, fully meriting publication in itself. This is, however, rarely the case.  What we found in our own experience was that we tended to provide very similar feedback for similar types of problems. It was this insight that lead to the creation of iSocrates – a software program that allows instructors to quickly and easily create evaluation rubrics complete with pull-down menus featuring their most commonly used feedback comments.

Whether your approach to evaluation is quantitative or qualitative, point-based or holistic, iSocrates lets you create the form of evaluation you desire. iSocrates uses a versatile modular approach and can be tailored to evaluate and provide feedback for almost any project imaginable, including:  oral presentations, group projects, written assignments, poster presentations, visual design, and media projects.

You can evaluate student performance with a built-in Likert scale featuring pre-made evaluation phrases, or add up to a 10-point custom scale. You can also assign weights to each evaluation category or criterion, and have iSocrates instantly compute totals as you evaluate each criterion.  iSocrates can provide a grade based on your assigned weights and evaluations, recommend a grade, or simply ignore points altogether and let you assign a holistic grade. As educators, we understand that there isn’t one correct way to do things, so we’ve built that flexibility into our software.

Use iSocrates to:

  • Create a rubric for one project and export components of the rubric for use in new projects.
  • Share your custom rubrics with other members of the academic community on this website.
  • Download and utilize rubrics from colleagues.
  • Print evaluations as soon as a student completes a project or print them all at once.
  • Print student scores or export them to a third-party grade book.


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