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18 February 2008

Get your invoicing done.


Rechnungen... Get your Invoicing Done! Rechnungen is a small tool to get your invoicing done… Rechnungen is build for "creatives" … If your jobs and clienst are as special and individual like your skills and you need a very flexible app to get your invoicing done - then this small app could be something for you… Of course you have to write/calculate a little bit more than with other apps - but Rechnungen will never tell you what to calculate/invoice - you're free to do what ever you want - not what the applications will tell you… You can choose between two different versions - a normal and a portable/network. The portable/network can run from every thumb-drive, extern HD or even from a NAS/Samba-Share/Net-Drive - so you can access your data from every Mac in your network or even via VPN from all over the world. Rechnungen uses the XML format - so you will be able to migrate to other (web)solutions…

What's new in Rechnungen

Version 1.1:
  • Taxes
  • Show Taxes sep. on Invoice
  • Calculate Taxes
  • Write Invoices without or with different Taxes
  • Install Templates
  • Bug Fixes

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