MouseScratcher free download for Mac


10 January 2008

Add scratch audio sounds using your mouse or MIDI keyboard.


MouseScratcher is an extremely easy plugin to use, and fun, too! It enables you to scratch on any sound format with the help of your mouse or a midi keyboard.

Load a mono or stereo sound file, select the part you wish to scratch, then drag your mouse across the sound: the horizontal movements enable you to move whithin the sound file, whereas vertical movements control output volume. Here you have a DJ's two essentials features at the tip of your mouse.

You may also control MouseScratcher using a MIDI keyboard with the different parameters affected to notes, and to pitch and modulation wheels, or with any standard MIDI controller.

And finally, the "resistance" parameter allows you to simulate real turntable resistance. So, simply sit back and enjoy exploring the many possibilities of this exciting new plugin.

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