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Simple to-do task management list.   Free
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  • SimpleToDo has been discontinued
  • Developer
    Julius Eckert
SimpleToDo is a minimalistic ToDo-List, with Quicksilver support and some nice CoreAnimation effects.

It is completely usable with the keyboard.
What's New
Version 2.3: I did not only converted and cleaned the source to work better with MonoMate, I also fixed some bugs, improved the layout and added the possibility of highlighting your tasks with a colors.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

*Previously available here

MacUpdate - SimpleToDo

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SimpleToDo User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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Richard Dick Peters III reviewed on 20 Jun 2012
The "Download" link for this application does not work currently. Or rather, it just takes you to the developer's website (and yes, I clicked the correct button, they both take you to the developer's website).

So, as of 6-20-2012, 12:41pm EST, there is currently no way to download this software from this page. Maybe the developer will fix this problem, and I hope he does because I was actually looking forward to trying this application out. I guess he could have accidentally filled in his website URL into the download link section, but I honestly have no idea what kind of options developers would have for their account.

I guess I'll check back later and see if the download link is working, if not, well it's on to a different To-Do application for me.
[Version 2.3]

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bbw7 replied on 24 May 2013
Late to your party, but it can still be downloaded here:

It's about three times the size advertised here, it does appear to be the app in question.

Often discontinued software unavailable from its MU link can be done with a little detective work and your search engine of choice.

Clakes commented on 09 Jun 2011
You'd think my comment comes "late", and for a reason.

Still, I'd like to point out my reasons for commenting such a useful minimalistic application now.

I love SimpleToDo interface.
I still use it (10.6.7) and I intend to keep using it.

Sadly enough, it appears like we're witnessing the death of simple to do's.
This is really sad.

Both SimpleToDo and Anxiety (two little free gems) aren't actively developed anymore.
Both because (it's just my guess) maybe free coding isn't worth the hassle (devs should tell in the end, and again, it's just my guess) and because commercial apps to the likes of OmniFocus (which I do use to manage wider projects) are swallowing the whole market
Now, what with a nice simple free (or cheap) list-app? Am I really bound to... er... TextEdit?

Sad. And worrying in a way, I might add...
[Version 2.3]


Appscout commented on 06 Mar 2010
Doesn't run under 10.6.2
[Version 2.3]

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Appscout replied on 04 Apr 2010
DLed it just now. It works.

Still have 10.6.2.


Yoxi commented on 13 Aug 2008
Good stuff - could do with a customisable 'bring me to the front' keystroke, for those of us who don't want it on top all the time...
[Version 2.3]



koodough reviewed on 30 Mar 2008
Terrific Application.
Now I would like something to be fused with the desktop background so exposé can move it around with the other windows I have opened
[Version 1.3]

Roro01 commented on 09 Jan 2008
If you don't have Leopard don't be disappointed - Do It 2.6 ( works on Tiger and it is the best free "to do" application.
[Version 1.2]



Suleiman Khan reviewed on 09 Jan 2008
I got excited about this app when I read the line "Quicksilver integration" as that is something I have been waiting on for quite a time. I still hold SimpleToDo to be a decent application with what I am sure are pretty animations.

My main gripe with this app is that it does not interface with the "Global Todo" system that is built into the other mentioned todo list manager, Anxiety.

This means if you make a new todo in mail, this app will not display it--a major setback in my opinion.

I'll give this another go once the integration with both Quicksilver and the Global Todo system have been achieved.
[Version 1.2]



Lionel reviewed on 06 Jan 2008
Nice little app, does what the developper announces, nice effects.

Some suggestions for the future :
-ability to create folders (or categories or anything like that) ;
- abililty to make the app disappear from the Dock ;
- ability to call the app from the menubar ;
- a nice icon ;-)

...well, CheckOff without bugs, plus Anxiety interface ! :-)
[Version 1.1]



Joel Mueller reviewed on 06 Jan 2008
I'm not too certain what the point of this app is. Anyone can do this with stickies, or a better free todo app like Anxiety ( The functionality as of version 1.1 isn't too useful yet.
[Version 1.1]


Rpsx had trouble on 04 Jan 2010
using 10.6.2 - cant get this to run. first problem - i got the todo.tgz, then i uncompressed it and got todo.tgz.cpgz - odd. uncompressed that and i got todo 2.tgz. then, i got todo.tgz 2.cpgz. so, tried stuffit expander, then finally got the app! but, the app doesnt run. :-( icon goes big, but then nothing loads.
[Version 2.3]

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Type:Business : Personal Info Managers
Date:26 Jun 2008
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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SimpleToDo is a minimalistic ToDo-List, with Quicksilver support and some nice CoreAnimation effects.

It is completely usable with the keyboard.

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