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Mobilizer Lite


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Mobilizer Lite

26 February 2008

Automatically detect a network location based on a rule.


Mobilizer Lite takes Mac OS X Locations to the next Level. It can automatically detect a network location based on a rule, like a DHCP packet received or an airport network name. Once that network is detected it changes the Mac OS X Location, especially useful if you use proxy servers.

It can then run actions, which can connect your network shares for you and remember the username and password for those shares or set your default printer. You can now select a location from a location menu anytime, by pressing Alt-Option-L. Mobilizer Lite is available for use for free, a Pro version will be released in the future.

What's new in Mobilizer Lite

Version 1.3.2:
  • Fixed crashing issues after sleep *Object Allocation is greatly decreased (so in turn memory and page allocation is reduced)
  • Added Attribute to automatically update for actions
  • Mobilizer should run alot faster and much more stable
  • Removed the Location Check - Seemed pointless now you can select *locations manually
  • Re-added the unix script and run application actions
  • Fixed a few typo/grammer text labels in the UI

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