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16 September 2009

iTunes tag renamer.


Tunes Tuner is tag renamer of iTunes. Like file renamer, want not it to have processed a tag? In Tunes Tuner, can be as follows.

  • Change string.
  • Find and replace in tag string.
  • Add string for top and end.
  • Trimming space from top and end.
  • Delete designated characters count from top and end.
  • Copy from source tag string.
  • Multi line text to track fields.
  • Tracks order to Track number.
  • Change video kind.
  • Change rate.
  • Change date.
  • Change integer(episode,season,play count,skip count).
  • Capitalize except specific words.
  • Lower case except specific words.
  • Delete after designated byte count.

What's new in TunesTuner

Version 0.96b:
  • changed to freeware.
  • built it at 64 bit.
  • changed Regex library.
  • removed Restore library information.

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16 September 2009
Version: 0.96b

Most helpful

crashes when try to preview. 10.6.1
16 September 2009
Version: 0.96b
crashes when try to preview. 10.6.1