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Mulberry is a high-performance, scalable, and graphically groovy Internet mail and calendar client. It uses the IMAP (IMAP4rev1, IMAP4, and IMAP2bis) protocol for accessing mail messages on a server, and the standard SMTP protocol for sending messages. It also does many things with MIME parts to handle mixed text and different types of attachments.
What's New
Verison 4.0.8:
  • Add option to automatically adjust timezones to new US rules as of March 2007.
  • Update built-in timezones to new rules for March 2007.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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Mulberry User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 4.x:
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Krysia commented on 15 Jan 2009
I don't usually make a point to comment on an app's icon, but this one truly does look like a hemorrhoid cluster. Please change it.
[Version 4.0.8]

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Almegalli replied on 14 Jul 2010
LMAO ....L00000L
it is really an ugly icon.


Penguirl reviewed on 17 Oct 2008
I really want to like Mulberry, but I can't get it to work with gmail. Looking around in the gmail forums, I find people asking how to get Mulberry to work with gmail and zero replies. Thunderbird is a CPU hog so it's back to Correo for my work account.
[Version 4.0.8]

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Tuishimi replied on 10 Nov 2008
If it handles IMAP you should be able to use it with gmail easily enough.

Tuishimi replied on 10 Nov 2008
Also, I notice you have been checking out all of the email apps...

Does crash for you? It's been pretty stable for me. If you don't mind paying, another rock-solid mail program is GyazMail.

Penguirl replied on 10 Nov 2008
I have gmail set for IMAP and I configured Mulberry for IMAP but I think that it was either a port issue or a password password protocol issue.

The latest version of Eudora/Penelope 8.0b4 seems to be working pretty good although I use it for receive only at this time.

Tuishimi replied on 10 Nov 2008
I was tempted to try the latest release of Penelope... how is it? How different is it from Thunderbird? What are the advantages?


iNik reviewed on 20 Aug 2006
This email program is stuck in some awful interface hell from the days of MacOS X's public beta. I'm not entirely sure what makes it so unbearable, but suffice to say that using it is both confusing and unpleasant, from an interface perspective.

Aside from the interface, however, this email program is lighting quick at IMAP interactions of all sorts, and is probably the bar none best IMAP email client out there, from an under-the-hood perspective.

So, ugly on the outside, sweet well engineered IMAP goodness on the inside.

It would be a KILLER Linux app, but it struggles with the Mac market for these reasons. But hey, give it a try, see what you think.
[Version 4.0.5]


NaOH commented on 20 Aug 2006
Thank you!

It is wonderful to see Mulberry back from whichever netherworld it has been consigned to.

I was hoping that someone would bring it back.

The development was going in the right direction when they filed for bankruptcy.
Particularly the calendaring options.
The interface was slowly improving too.

Now I hope the developer will be able to open it up to open source development. It would allow all of us to contribute to making one of the best IMAP clients even better.

[Version 4.0.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 Oct 2005

Cyrusoft filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
[Version 4.0.4]

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AmberV replied on 28 May 2006
Alas, confirmed via multiple news sources. Here is the developer: "This situation is the culmination of a series of events that has taken place over the last few months," wrote owner Cyrus Daboo. "Sadly this situation pretty much means the end of Mulberry. Its now almost ten years since I wrote the first code of the Macintosh IMAP email client that would become Mulberry. It has been a labor of love and much personal sacrifice, and despite this disheartening outcome, I do maintain a certain amount of pride of what was achieved with limited resources."

Anonymous reviewed on 22 Sep 2005

1) Anti-virus support, where is it?

2) Synchronization is horrid. There is no caching of local data for IMAP. In contrast to it feels magnitudes slower.

3) Found myself reading the instruction book way to often for simple tasks and I am a developer myself.

4) Single threaded in many areas during syncing. You essentially twiddle thumbs quite often.

5) Local mail is kept in .mbox format. uses single files similar to Qmail maildir format. Single files = no corrupt mailboxes and much faster response times.


1) nice gpg integration

2) nice GUI improvements

3) very configurable

4) powerful filtering capabilities
[Version 4.0.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Oct 2004
The screenshot doesn't look promising...
[Version 4.0a1a]

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Anonymous commented on 20 May 2005
ha ha ha! That's exactly what I was thinking. Although the Tiger version of Mail is almost uglier... :'(

Anonymous reviewed on 10 Sep 2004
"I've been running it for 12 days now"

It's OK, the software vendor is LYING just to single you out and make life miserable for you ...

all of the rest of us are actually using super-secret tools to make the age-old features, explained in the manual and well-supported by 'support', actually look like they work ...
[Version 3.1.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 25 Jun 2004
One of the most reliable email clients available today. I agree Mulberry is not the most pleasant to look at, but its abilities far outweigh its limited beauty.
[Version 3.1.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 Feb 2004
Bulletproof IMAP, S/MIME & GPG support, multiple identities & server accounts, ACAP remote prefs support, SIEVE scripting, customizable activity alerts, ...

it's *thick* with features/capability!

EASY to get started using ... high learning curve to get to "power user" status.

i've used every email client out there ... some are prettier, some are easier, but NONE are more flexible & stable for IMAP use.

$40 sure, but if you want free -- you get what you pay for.
[Version 3.1.2]

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Anonymous commented on 28 Apr 2004
I can't imagine how anyone could call this program easy to use or "high performance". I've been running it for 12 days now and the only way I managed to get a local copy of my mailbox was by manually synchronizing the contents -- which took about *2 hours*. As far as I can tell, there is no such thng as automatic synchronization (menu items notwithstanding.
Anonymous commented on 23 Jul 2004
I suggest you use a typewriter and place a stamp on your letter.
Anonymous commented on 21 May 2005
or better play with legos
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Mulberry is a high-performance, scalable, and graphically groovy Internet mail and calendar client. It uses the IMAP (IMAP4rev1, IMAP4, and IMAP2bis) protocol for accessing mail messages on a server, and the standard SMTP protocol for sending messages. It also does many things with MIME parts to handle mixed text and different types of attachments.

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