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Create interactive websites that look and work just like iTunes.   Demo ($35.00)
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KavaTunes creates interactive websites that look and work just like iTunes. Browse, search and play all your music. KavaTunes websites can stream your favorite playlists with continuous playback using your computer's built-in Web server. KavaTunes can also add artwork to your music.
What's New
Version 4.0.2:
  • Gets higher resolution artwork.
  • Intel/PPC
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • iTunes 6.0.2 or later
  • Web server with PHP.

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KavaTunes User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 4.x:
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H.britz reviewed on 06 Oct 2011
Worked finde in Version 3, bought the upgrade, that crashes every time. I tried to contact the developer – never got a reply. So I made a complaint at PayPal to get my money backed. Today I received 10 USD back, so I think the developer knows, that this software have a lot of problems.

[Version 4.0.2]



Vilaamalka reviewed on 27 Mar 2011
unfortunately, compared to version 3, version 4 is horrible:

1. it crashes all the time (it actually segfaults on 64-bit systems). This can be sort of remedied by running the application in Rosetta.

2. the php scripts are substandard and badly written (generate broken links, etc, etc) - but it's php - i.e. can be edited -> can be fixed

3. the functionality of the app is horrible as well. it floods the catalog with a randomly selected cover artwork and applies it to all compilation sections. to get rid of this effects takes hours if you have a sizable collection.

4. no response whatsoever from the 'developers'

I could go on - but why?

Advice: stay away from this application. It is one of the most dilettantish application I have seen in a long time. The sheer arrogance of asking for money for this 'upgrade' is unbelievable. My guess is that there are no developers anymore and someone who has access to their code had decided to make a quick buck.
[Version 4.0.2]


Moofing commented on 09 Feb 2010
Can't download today, their site has been thoroughly hacked! A red knife, and everything. Yikes. Poor folks.
[Version 4.0]


Mawaltz commented on 30 Jan 2010
I can't write a full review, because I can't get the application to work. I bought KavaTunes last October 2009, and it "quits unexpectedly" at the Create new iPod Library command. I have repeatedly contacted them, but have received NO response at all. I have very patiently submitted bug reports and also tried direct email. I've provided detailed info on my MacBook, system, and error report itself.

I am also trying to get my money back through PayPal. I only wish I had seen these other remarks before I spent my money.
[Version 4.0]



L0xby reviewed on 19 Dec 2009
app just quits when i try to start it up.
[Version 4.0]


jtstowell reviewed on 19 Dec 2008
So far, I have to say that I'm thrilled with KavaTunes.

It found artwork for most of my music, and exported it (over the course of about 45 minutes) into iTunes. Most of the artwork is even the correct artwork. :-)

(In some cases it didn't seem to detect the (already existing) artwork on eMusic tracks. I'm not sure why and haven't looked deeper.)

I have the KavaTunes-generated site hosted at a standard hosting service, and my iTunes library (all 38+ GB, 7500+ tracks of it) deployed on Amazon S3. This combination appears to work quite well. The biggest hurdle was the two weeks it took to actually upload all my music.

As regards file-naming issues, I haven't yet encountered any problems, even with some pretty funkily named tracks.
[Version 3.5.1]


thinkavalon commented on 30 Oct 2008
This software might be great, but so far I haven't found this to be true. I can't make any of the files play when I publish to my FTP, and I've had no response to the many emails that I've sent requesting help.

PayPal is also no help in getting a refund to my registration fee.

So far, this has not been a good purchase.
[Version 3.5.1]

Dopey commented on 08 Aug 2008
The customer service from this company is a joke. I made quite a few attempts to contact them to get help to transfer my licenses and I got no responses.

[Version 3.2]

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Lrkirsch replied on 16 Oct 2008
I have to disagree. While my first e-mail to them did seem to go unnoticed, their response to my second e-mail was fast and helpful. They were kind enough to give me licenses for three of their products when I didn't receive the licenses from another site (and it was the other site's fault). And when I bought a new iMac earlier this year and contacted KavaSoft again, they promptly issued me new licenses for the new computer number.

atropos commented on 18 Jul 2008
Although much of this application works as expected, there are parts where it fails. For example, clicking any "Smart Playlists" results in a list of zero-size nameless tracks for the playlist. Attempting to click on any song title in the list of recently-played tracks produces a similar error.

Tracks or album names with non-ASCII characters in them appear to crash the PHP parsing modules, so be wary of, e.g., the soundtrack to the movie π; or albums by Asian artists that use non-Roman characters.

The most frustrating part of the program is that bug reports appear to be completely ignored. I filed reports for a bug that occurred in multiple versions of the application and have been ignored.

If you are willing to put up with quirky behavior, the program's Web interface is remarkably similar to iTunes and when it *can* play music it does so very well. I'm not aware of competing products that come close to KavaTunes' functionality, but if there are any out there I would recommend checking them out before paying to register this application.
[Version 3.2]

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skyhientertain commented on 30 Mar 2009
Kava Tunes

I have the page up but can't get it to play the music. I even get it as far as the quicktime symbol coming up but will not play the file. I have tried all of there instructions and every possible setting combination that I can think of.


please help I have to get this up for a client asap.


if you can email me @

grumpytico commented on 16 Feb 2008
I have tried to recover my registration key since January and have YET to receive a response. If you want any kind os support from this product - avoid like the plague:

======== E-mail thread =======

Zzzzzzzzzz...do I have to buy Kavatunes again?
Christian Saborío

On Feb 3, 2008, at 3:54 PM, Christian Saborío wrote:

Christian Saborío

On Jan 29, 2008, at 9:27 PM, Christian Saborío wrote:

Hello, I bought KavaTunes a while back, it was called iTunesCatalog I believe. I had an HD crash and I cannot find my Paypal Transaction ID so I cannot retrieve the registration key.

Can you please let me know how to proceed?


Christian Saborío
[Version 3.0]

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Jason-Frost replied on 18 Jul 2008
I had a similar experience with the developers being absolutely unresponsive and no help at all. They're totally worthless and never getting a cent from me again.

Shock-J had trouble on 22 Jul 2010
Seems to has some serious problems pulling down artwork. A lot of tracks simply won't update/download artwork from iTunes or Amazon. The web interface looks kinds of broken with a bunch of missing artwork.
[Version 4.0.1]

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Date:10 Aug 2010
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KavaTunes creates interactive websites that look and work just like iTunes. Browse, search and play all your music. KavaTunes websites can stream your favorite playlists with continuous playback using your computer's built-in Web server. KavaTunes can also add artwork to your music.

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