The Salsa Rhythm Machine
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For students of salsa dancing.   Shareware ($40.00)
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The Salsa Rhythm Machine teaches students of salsa dancing how to find the rhythm in salsa music.
What's New
Version 3.0.2: Several bugs were fixed that were affecting people in countries that use the comma for the decimal point in numbers instead of the period.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

MacUpdate - The Salsa Rhythm Machine

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The Salsa Rhythm M... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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Dancingsailor reviewed on 21 Oct 2012
I have used TSRM since version 1! With this I can get used to the rhythm and practice the shines at home. It fair to say that I become more familiar with the salsa rhythm with this machine :)
[Version 3.0.2]


Rufty Tufty commented on 22 Nov 2010
The demo is very limited. You only get 60 beats per start of the program, and only about the last 20 beats of the second demo song has a full salsa band and rhythm. Has some promise, but this is not nearly enough to get a sense of the program's usefulness (not for me, at least).

To the developer: I understand (and support) your desire to combat piracy, but I have two suggestions for improving the demo:
- limit the total program run time, or number of starts (these are more common demo limitations)
- in the interim, use a clip from the middle of your second demo song, rather than the beginning, so there is a longer sample of a full band sound.
[Version 3.0.2]

salsero commented on 26 Jan 2008

60 beats to evaluate? Is this a prank? What I have seen and heard in 60 beats is extremely hugly and bad. There is not even a right salsa clave beat.

No, this HAS to be a joke... Okay, you got me! Good one guys, good one... ¡Por favor! Rethink your evaluation scheme: as it is now, I would even bother if it was free.

[Version 3.0.1]

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Techsono Engineering, Inc. (developer) replied on 14 Feb 2008
60 beats to evaluate is more than enough to see how the program works. Dozens of people try to steal this product every single day. If you think it is easy to combat piracy you obviously don't know anything about the software business.

People who buy this program love it. We get very few complaints about it.

The program plays music from established artists. If you think these artists compose their music without "a right salsa clave beat" then you are simply an idiot.

Perhaps it is your opinion that every student should begin by studying the clave rhythm. The fact is that in the real world, most salsa schools don't even mention the clave rhythm. And in many salsa songs, there is no clave instrument playing.

This program is designed for the average salsa student, not the formal music academy student who will follow a more scholarly approach that would bore most people to death.

Pedro-Fardilha replied on 14 Feb 2008
..."then you are simply an idiot."

A real professional comment made by the author.

I _was_ going to give it a try, but after reading this I changed my mind.

Yes, I like to put my money not only on the application itself, but also on the developer and frankly you no longer inspire much trust.
Techsono Engineering, Inc. (developer) replied on 14 Feb 2008
Please. You had no intention of giving it a try. On top of your idiocy, you are also a liar.

Pedro-Fardilha replied on 15 Feb 2008

You just don't know me what so ever but you don't have any problem of insulting another potential costumer.

I think that shows how mature and professional you are.
And extrapolating that to the support area, I can imagine what one can expect if there's a problem related with your application.

If you actually had loose 5 minutes checking my profile here in MacUpdate you could have notice that i review applications here on a regular basis and that I end up buying the ones that I like.
Not only do I buy them, but also help supporting since as a foreign language speaker I help with translations and as an Apple certified tech I try to help on more technical problems.

To bad that you, with this child like attitude, prefer to show here on MacUpdate that you cannot be trust.
Techsono Engineering, Inc. (developer) replied on 15 Feb 2008
You rated the Salsa Rhythm Machine to be completely worthless. Exactly what is honest about that?

TechSono has been in business for 10 years and has many thousands of satisfied customers. Again you lie.

You are not allowed to buy our products. You are banned for life.

MacUpdate-Lon replied on 15 Feb 2008
"You rated the Salsa Rhythm Machine to be completely worthless."

This thread contains no star-rated reviews. Therefore it was not rated as worthless. The only posts in this thread are comments, NOT reviews.

The original poster ('salsero') is not the same person that you are replying to ('Pedro Fardilha'). And it is not proper to call anyone names such as 'idiot'.

MacUpdate-Lon replied on 15 Feb 2008
And stop accusing people of lying when they are only expressing their opinions.
Techsono Engineering, Inc. (developer) replied on 15 Feb 2008
I'm sorry that I did not realize another person had jumped into the thread.

The original poster's review of this product was totally unfair, and ignorant of the facts of salsa rhythm. If you think such reviews are a value to your readers, then so be it, but I do not agree.
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Version Downloads:1,114
Type:Home Personal : Music
Date:14 Feb 2008
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $40.00
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The Salsa Rhythm Machine teaches students of salsa dancing how to find the rhythm in salsa music.

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