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Flash and HTML5 presentation software for Web designers.   Demo ($129.00)
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BannerZest Pro is a popular authoring tool for the creation of amazing banners based on a wide range of ready-made themes. In its latest version BannerZest not only supports Flash banners but also HTML5 banners that can be viewed on iPhone and iPad iOS browsers, which do not support Flash. 14 new HTML5 themes are available at launch in the Pro version and 10 themes in the Standard version. Aquafadas is committed to expand this initial set of HTML5 themes.

BannerZest 3 for Mac includes:
  • Export of animated banners as Flash,
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Version 3.1.4: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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ver. 3.x:
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This-person-died-in-2011 commented on 21 Jul 2011
Note to web page designers: You might try to consider your target audiences. In an informal poll around campus I found that 78 out of 91 people absolutely detested animated and intrusive banners on sites they visit.
[Version 3.0]

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ylluminate replied on 01 Nov 2012
Entirely depends on your demographics. Every user of sites I've created with animated banners absolutely adore them and say that it really adds to the experience. :)


Gargiulo reviewed on 24 Mar 2010
I've been using BannerZest for a few years, and I'm thrilled with the newest version of the Pro. I like the ability to export a complete swf of the banner-easy, breezy! I recently upgraded and lost my old serial number, which you need to activate the new 2.0 version. I sent AquaFadas an email and received my old serial number within two hours. That's awesome customer support.

Graphic Designer
[Version 2.2]



Misterol reviewed on 23 Mar 2010
I got Bannerzest two years ago as part of a MacUpdate bundle. I didn't really start using it until recently. I have a blog and I wanted some slide shows. I upgraded to Pro because I wanted the ability to have alternative images for iPhone users. While this doesn't work on Blogger, unfortunately, the program itself is great. It's super easy to use and gives very professional looking results. The integration with iPhoto is worth the extra money for me.

As for the folks at Aquafada they have been right on top of their customer support for me. I wrote in and despite the time difference got a response really quickly and several follow ups after that. Five stars all the way around.
[Version 2.2]



Ploth reviewed on 27 Dec 2009
I bought the pro version at the very high price. I did not expect to be slugged for an upgrade within a few month of buying it.

One of the main things I wanted to use it for didn't work properly either.

After complaining to support they tried to tell me I was wrong & they were justified in their charging schedule. They offered me a reduction - but then just stopped responding to emails. My complaint about the lack of functionality was met with "pay for the upgrade"!!

Avoid this developer.

The software itself is very limited. It does make banners very easily but they are very 'template-ish' and don't offer much adjustment.

It is quite easy to use but does have some very time consuming and annoying traits especially when trying to add images / re-arrange. I have used it on a few websites but wish I had never gone near them.

I am tempted to do a charge-back - that's how unhapy I am. But of course I am wrong!
[Version 2.1.1]

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Typographica replied on 29 Jun 2010
They sent me an email about special pricing. So I bought BannerZest Pro 2 on July 10, 2009.They updated to BannerZest Pro 3 on 10-26-09. I enquired if my update is free, they took a while to get back to me. This is exactly what they wrote:


We have sent an email to those who could get a free upgrade. If you
have not received it then sorry you cannot get one.

Best regards

Aquafadas support team

And I have to pay the FULL upgrade price too??? I would have been willing to pay a nominal fee for my 3 month old software. They obviously knew the upgrade was coming when the special offer was sent to me (this is dishonest and greedy). All this for an overpriced template driven piece of software. I have found another solution which is more flexible from a design standpoint, less 'canned' look and under half the price, a flash plug-in. I have not included the name of this mac plug in lest anyone think this a competitor driven response.

I also had problems with the software (buggy) and their support response time took a few weeks (also had to decipher their broken english). One of the problems was when the banner initially loaded a black descending curtain came under the banner and then disappeared. No solution.

Great software for public and high school projects but not for professional designers.
My fault for buying this, should have done my homework better. Classify this under impulse buy and in addition I really should have ignored the comments of others who said this was flexible design ware. I have moved on to better solutions.

Caveat Emptor

Hansjoerg commented on 07 Oct 2009
I owe BannerZest Pro version 1.xx since June 2009. In September 2009 version 2 came out. Despite the good 3 months that I have owed this software, Aquafadas did not provide a free update but wants to charge $59 upgrade fee.

Well, I think I should be considered a very good customer of Aquafadas products since I owe ALL Pro products and those products that don't have a pro counterpart version.

In summary, Aquafadas service is absolutely disatisfactory and surely not honest in this sense. This is also proved by the fact that they ignore my complaint when I even suggested that I'd be willing to pay the upgrade price like the non-pro version.
[Version 2.0.1]

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Raddle replied on 12 Nov 2009
I agree. This product was too expensive to start off with, has not been augmented with new themes at anything like the rate that was implied (the main reason I paid for the pro version), and now has a steep upgrade fee. The product is good at what it does, but I don't think the company is that great at making its customers feel valued.

Pedro-Fardilha commented on 12 Jul 2009
Hummm... so strange.

BannerZest, as the name implies, is targeted to those who need to, among other things, quickly do some banners.
As a lazy person who only makes flash banners out of necessity, I was quite interested in this app, but the more I read about it the more it surprises me.
How is it that BannerZest cannot support industry standards clickTAG or clickTARGET vars?
Let's face it, most of us out there who have to do banners, will integrate it with some sort of ad server, yet we have this banner making app that simply doesn't work with ad servers... strange indeed.

Pedro Fardilha
[Version 1.5]


BumbleB commented on 29 Jun 2009
$129 for the Pro version, and $49 for the Standard version.

They must be nuts. I need to create three banners out of necessity. Wanted to try this, but the price puts me off.

If I was a pro banner developer, the prices are fair enough, but then I'd use Flash CS4 anyway, to have more control.

I think they would sell more licenses for this app, had the price been more reasonable.

Who *loves* banners? Who *loves* to create them? They are, at least to me, just a necessary evil.
[Version 1.5]


bossa-nova commented on 12 Apr 2009
I haven't found out how to

1. Add audio to a slideshow for publishing it to a website;
2. Make the slideshow automatically load a specific URL at the end of it.

Can someone help me?
[Version 1.4]



Chickwriter reviewed on 09 Dec 2008
I design brochure-type websites and purchased BannerZest Pro to be able to add small flash bits to my sites. I'm pleased with it overall. Here's one of the sites I used BannerZest on and, combined with Google AdWords, this company has had been receiving some good sales leads after I added flash to the site: For one thing, not everyone loves flash-heavy sites, but I can add just a bit of zest without being overpowering with this application. For another, Adobe is just too expensive and the learning curve is too steep for me anyway. My only suggestion/complaint is that the I can't add html links into it.
[Version 1.2.6]

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Chickwriter replied on 08 Jan 2009
After complaining that I could not add html links in my review, I found out that I could under the Media tab.

Cerebrl commented on 03 Nov 2008
Even though I have barely used this app, I can tell there is a lot of potential. Unfortunately, I am not going to be interested in it until I can get my hands on the SDK that I hear so much about. As a web developer, I need to be able to modify some of these themes, so they fit seamlessly into my websites. I cannot do that when all I can choose is bg color. I need to be able to select custom bg's.

Here is where I am slightly let down. I have tried to contact the developer two times now (one through the website, and another direct email to sdk [at] aquafadas [dot] com) trying to get info about the SDK, but with no luck. This is my third time trying to get his attention. So, if you are out there, please let me know how to contact you, so I can get this ball rolling. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

[Version 1.2.6]


Sartorius had trouble on 12 Oct 2010
Where is BannerZest 2.2.3? The link above and all links on the developer site download version 2.2.2...
[Version 2.2.3]


Tazpizzazz rated on 23 Mar 2013

[Version 3.1.4]


Fightingcat rated on 28 Jun 2012

[Version 3.1.1]

Version Downloads:2,684
Type:Multimedia Design : Video
Date:30 Jul 2012
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $129.00
Overall (Version 3.x):
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BannerZest Pro is a popular authoring tool for the creation of amazing banners based on a wide range of ready-made themes. In its latest version BannerZest not only supports Flash banners but also HTML5 banners that can be viewed on iPhone and iPad iOS browsers, which do not support Flash. 14 new HTML5 themes are available at launch in the Pro version and 10 themes in the Standard version. Aquafadas is committed to expand this initial set of HTML5 themes.

BannerZest 3 for Mac includes:
  • Export of animated banners as Flash, HTML5, or as a Flash/HTML5 hybrid
  • 14 new, additional themes for your banners in the Pro version (10 themes in the Standard version)
  • Customizable fallback : Flash > HTML5 > Simple Animation to ensure that your content will render on any combination of browser and operating system.
  • Optimized HTML+CSS code for iPhone and iPad
  • Various User Interface refinements and bug fixes
  • Mac OS X Lion compatibility.
  • BannerZest Pro is the fastest and easiest way to add punch and movement to your images online and get professional-looking slideshows. Integration with all major Web site editors is a breeze! All you have to do is select, drag, and drop the images you want into a designated area. Then choose from BannerZest's menu of creative ready-made animated themes, click, and you're done! Edit your media with ease - resize and crop your images. Navigation is fast and simple with the resizable Inspector window.

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