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Deletes junk files, clears resource forks, extended attributes and more.   Free
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    Vacuous Virtuoso
Trimmit! deletes junk files, clears resource forks and extended attributes, strips universal binaries, cleans out NIBs, strips debug symbols, compresses TIFFs, removes foreign languages - all the things Apple do but third party vendors don't.

Use Trimmit! on applications you download, starting now. Recover lots of free disk space.
What's New
Version 0.95b:
  • Improved (failsafe) backup system
  • Fixed issues with lipo on Intel computers
  • Handles all possible architectures - including 64-bit
  • Increased trimming speed
  • Smarter compression of TIFF images
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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Trimmit! User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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Syed Ali commented on 10 Jan 2008
Excellent application for removing excess files and recovering valuable HD space.
Works very well with all the applications. I used it to trim Google Earth from 94.7 MB to 49.5 MB. Cyberduck was trimmed from 22MB to 6.6MB. Some people have suggested that their apps seem to open faster, and I agree with it.

I would like the ability to trim multiple apps at the same time. Right now it only allows one application at a time.
[Version 0.95]

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Syed Ali replied on 12 Jan 2008
Skype Beta stopped working after I used TRIMMIT. I tried it on an intel Macmini Core Duo and a MacBook Core 2 Duo. On both the computers, the program tries to start and then nothing happened. I reinstalled the Application on the MacBook and it started working again. Seems like Trimmit deletes an important file. Not sure which one.

Syed Ali replied on 13 Jan 2008
In Mail, the program doesn't save the password to my pop3 account. Even if I check the "save Password" option. I also tried going into pref and tried to save the password there but it doesn't work.

Mikal1 had trouble on 10 Dec 2009
I tried trimming iCal on my OSX 10.4.11 Mac using version 0.95b. Being a naive user, I accepted all the default checks. I then put the backup file into the trash and launched iCal. All seemed to be working just fine, so I tried to empty the Trash, only to be told that "The operation cannot be completed because the item "iCalAlarmScheduler" is in use." Alarmed (pun intended), I tried to locate this vital item in the search, and couldn't. So I tried taking the backup file out of the trash and putting it in the Applications folder, trashing the trimmed version and re-naming the backup file as simply "iCal." This program -- ie, what I'd've thought would be the original! -- won't launch.

How can I either bring "iCalAlarmScheduler" back into my otherwise-wondrously-smaller iCal, or if that's impossible, restore the backup file?

Thanks, and sorry for being a dolt!
[Version 0.95]


encro had trouble on 10 Feb 2008
Be aware that apps like Trimmit can break code signed applications such as on 10.5 if the strip debug symbols option is enabled. This is why it is a good thing to have the backup option enabled.

I can manage to consistently break and cause it to popup the password window. It will then never remember the password, attempt to store or attempt to retrieve it from the keychain *if the Application code signature is invalid*.

In testing I've tried removing many things from such as language files, compressing images, removing redundant unnecessary files and stripping the redundant PowerPC binary and various other things from the bundle. None of this seems to damage's code signature.

How do you break you ask?

By stripping the debug symbols from using one of many app trimming applications such as Trimmit. Since Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard introduced Code Signing and Apple Mail is code signed my guess is that because the bundle is changed and the code signature is then broken and invalid Apple Mail is then treated as an untrusted application and is refused access to the keychain by SecurityServer.

According to
applications should trigger a popup confirmation to allow the Application to update the keychain but it appears that does not do this and SecurityServer suppresses the dialog as the code signature is invalid.
Filed as Apple Bug ID #5734181

Opening and checking secure.log shows many entries from SecurityServer to advise:
Feb 10 23:04:02 macbookpro[20]: suppressing keychain prompt for invalidly signed client /Applications/
Feb 10 23:04:32: --- last message repeated 16 times ---

If you are getting these messages, this wll mean you may need to restore from a backup version of from storage, time machine or another computer. If you re-install the app from the original 10.5 Installer CD you may also need to run the 10.5.1 installer and Security Update to ensure that is up to date.
[Version 0.95]

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encro commented on 10 Feb 2008
Code Signing: cs_invalid :
(Pretty much all Apple applications are code signed and will break on 10.5)

Apple Apps:
Activity Monitor
Address Book
Airport Utility
Directory Utility
Disk Utiliity
Image Capture
Input Method Hot
Java Preferences
Java Web Start
Keychain Access
Network Utility
ODBC Administrator
Podcast Capture
Quicktime Broadcaster
QuickTime Player
RAID Utility
Server Admin Tools
Soundtrack Pro
System Profiler
Time Machine
VoiceOver Utility

3rd Party apps:
EyeTV 3

encro commented on 21 Feb 2008
Apple Bug ID #5734181 Closed. Marked as behaves as intended.

I think it would have been better if SecurityServer advised that the Application has been changed and the content could no longer be verified. The keychain asked if you would like to trust the app with broken signature.

I can see where Apple is coming from a Security Perspective though.

Encro replied on 25 Sep 2009
To test an application signature ( in this context):

codesign -vv /Applications/

If it's good you should get the following:
/Applications/ valid on disk
/Applications/ satisfies its Designated Requirement

If it is broken you will get the following:
/Applications/ code or signature modified

Applications with a broken signature will be denied from reading from the keychain.
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Type:Utilities : System
Date:15 Nov 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Trimmit! deletes junk files, clears resource forks and extended attributes, strips universal binaries, cleans out NIBs, strips debug symbols, compresses TIFFs, removes foreign languages - all the things Apple do but third party vendors don't.

Use Trimmit! on applications you download, starting now. Recover lots of free disk space.

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