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16 April 2008

Desktop time tracking utility.


Timesheet is a Free desktop time tracking utility, published under a liberal BSD-Style License.

  • Runs on all Operating Systems with a Java Virtual Machine (tested on OS X, GNU/Linux, Windows)
  • Prepackaged for different Operating Systems for better Desktop Integration
  • Localized User Interface
  • Flexible time and date formatting (independent from user interface language)
  • Supports unlimited Projects
  • Export of recorded entries to Comma Separated Values files
  • Allows instant recording and manual entry of records
  • Free as in Speech: Source code available for download
  • Free as in Beer: Gratis

What's new in Timesheet

  • Fixed some Umlaut-problems in the german readme.
  • Second start without error message when no data is recorded on first start.
  • Year/Month view now shows the correct working time for a month when all filters are removed.

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