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Fishing assistance program (bot) for World of Warcraft.   Free
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GoneFishing is a fishing assistance program for World of Warcraft. It automates the process of casting and reeling in your fish when you catch them. Additional features include lure application and a fishing timer.

Note: Using this program on an official WoW server is against the WoW terms of service. Please use at your own risk.
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Version 1.1.6: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

MacUpdate - GoneFishing

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GoneFishing User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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scottrmarks commented on 29 Nov 2008
Regarding the new GoneFishing - besides not responding to a GM's inquiries how does blizzard determine if your using this program. It seems the only way to find out is if someone ignores a GM tell or whispers a friend about it.

Since this is an external program is it possible to track?
[Version 1.1.5]


Dremwkr commented on 01 Apr 2008
Does the Wow Warden detect GoneFishing? Has anyone actually been baned from using GoneFishing?

Wow should have something like this built into the game, even if it has say a 10min timer.
[Version 1.1.4]

Savory Software (developer) commented on 05 Dec 2007
GoneFishing should now work correctly on all Intel systems.
[Version 1.1.4]


Jamus commented on 03 Dec 2007
I wish Blizz would pay this guy to put this functionality in the game... Or at least let it be "legal".

Fishing is often the lest developed profession for a good reason. It can be a pain!
[Version 1.1.3]


Pedro-Fardilha commented on 07 Nov 2007
To bad that it just works under 10.5
I would gladly try it but I don't plan to update, not until 10.5.2 (at least).
[Version 1.0]

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Savory Software (developer) replied on 08 Nov 2007
As I mention on my website, I have [had] a 10.4 version working more or less fine, but I've only one computer to test on at the moment and it's running 10.5. If you'd be willing to test the application on 10.4, please send me an email and we might be able to work something out.

truthhurts commented on 05 Nov 2007
I have to ask - does this run afoul of WoW terms of service? They frown heavily on external automation.
[Version 1.0]

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MacUpdate-Lon replied on 05 Nov 2007
If you'd have clicked on the 'More Information' link on the product page for this software, you'd have been taken to the developer's site. There, you would've read this:

Q: "Isn't this a violation of the WoW Terms of Service (ToS)?

A: "Yes. Using GoneFishing to fish for you is totally, 100%, against the ToS. Use this at your own risk -- you might get your account banned (and don't say I didn't warn you). However, if you are smart about when and how you use it, you probably won't get caught. See "How to not be stupid" further down the page."

Igaucho replied on 06 Nov 2007
Also the guy is trying to get you to give him $7 for "extra features". $7 to get your account suspended is just not worth it. People who cheat on WoW really make me mad. Hopefully Blizzard shuts him down.

reblmonkey (developer) replied on 06 Nov 2007
GoneFishing is free and requires no money to use. The program never expires, and you may use it to fish for as long as your heart desires.

That said, I am sorry, iGaucho, if I've offended you in some way with the release of this application. However, I felt compelled to provide a solution to the mind-numbing adventure that is leveling to 375 fishing in World of Warcraft. I'm already sitting here playing a video game... the last thing I want to be doing is boring myself to death inside said game.

Strangely, some people appear to agree with me.

Igaucho replied on 06 Nov 2007
Sorry. I guess I overreacted a little bit. I do agree that fishing is not the most exciting part of the game. I also think that your time is probably better spent sending a suggestion and starting something to get Blizzard to improve the ability. It's really not fair to the rest of us who play fair and have to suffer through this occasionally tedious task. It's also not right for people to lose their privilege to play the game as a result of your software. I know I can't stop people from making this type of software or other hacks or cheats, but I hope that you warn users before they install it. I'm sure not everyone will see the disclaimer on your website.
Savory Software (developer) replied on 07 Nov 2007
Nobody is forcing anybody to use this app, and my website is QUITE clear about the TOS ramifications (not to mention this thread is, as well). I make no secret of it. While I cannot force everybody who downloads this app to read the information on my website, I would similarly argue that:

1) It is not my responsibility to do so, and:
2) If they play WoW, they have already read & agreed to the WoW TOS.

But then again, if a user never bothered to read the WoW TOS (which, as you know, is presented at install and after EVERY patch to the game -- of which there have been numerous), why would they read any information about this app?
Savory Software (developer) replied on 07 Nov 2007
Either way, I've updated the description here with a note about TOS violation (pending MU approval, of course). If people don't read my website, OR the description here, OR the WoW TOS then... well, I'm at a loss.
Kaatos had trouble on 07 Nov 2009
I have installed the program and i got it to find the bobber every time but it fails to catch the fish. I have turned all my settings up and did pretty much everything i could think of to make it work but im out of ideas. is there anything that i am missing?
[Version 1.1.6]


zeno_tds had trouble on 13 Nov 2007
cant get it to work..
i've set the bobber color on the red feather. when i start fishing it just spam out the bobber but dont do anything when it catch a fish, i still have to do it manually so no use at all..

what am i doing wrong? i made all the thing u said to do
[Version 1.0]

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Savory Software (developer) replied on 28 Nov 2007
Turn up your graphics (spell detail, full screen glow) and zoom your camera all the way in to first person. Make sure to turn on auto-loot in WoW (interface options). If it's finding the bobber, those steps will help you catch fish.
bobbybray commented on 30 Nov 2007
I seem to be having trouble as well. It'll cast over and over, but never auto loot. I'm in first person, color set to the red feather, spell detail on max and full screen glow on.

Any ideas? I'm running 10.5.1 if that means anything.
Savory Software (developer) replied on 03 Dec 2007
Try using the "Scan Offset" settings in the preferences to center the captured bobber area around the base of the bobber, rather than the feathers. This usually involves moving the captured area to the left (negative x offset) and down a bit (negative y offset). You'll have to play around with the numbers to find good values for your screen resolution.

While the feather color is great for identifying the bobber itself, the base is the most distinctive area that changes when a fish is caught (ie, it disappears around the *splash*). Centering the scan area on the base, as well as expanding the scan radius if necessary, will help GoneFishing to accurately determine when a fish is caught.

I hope that helps.
Savory Software (developer) replied on 03 Dec 2007
As an addendum, I discovered an endian issue tonight on Intel machines that may have been causing the odd behavior you have noticed with regards to finding the bobber. Please upgrade to version 1.1.3 and let me know if this solves any of your problems :)
jcfriedman replied on 01 May 2008
don't work.
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GoneFishing is a fishing assistance program for World of Warcraft. It automates the process of casting and reeling in your fish when you catch them. Additional features include lure application and a fishing timer.

Note: Using this program on an official WoW server is against the WoW terms of service. Please use at your own risk.

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