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Mabuse for Mac1.5

28 February 2008

Real-time audiovisual composition and performance tool.

What is Mabuse for Mac

Mabuse is a real-time audiovisual composition and performance tool. Check out the About Mabuse FAQ for more information.

Mabuse is for all electronic music and video makers. Musicians, video artists, performers, VJ's who want to make music, and DJ's who want to make videos in real time.

Mabuse is a fully functional AVJ tool - that's AUDIOVISUAL, not just Audio/Visual. You make music and video, all at once on the same machine in real time.

Just load up your audio and video loops. Mabuse will do the rest, including tempo detection and auto synchronisation. You can then use the onscreen controls or an external MIDI controller to manipulate the video and audio . Read the QuickStart manual here to learn more about using Mabuse.

We recommend a Mac Pro, Macbook Pro or Macbook Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz and 2GB RAM. its best to have a decent graphics card as well as a fast processor or two and plenty of RAM.

For a limited introductory period we are selling registrations for only £65, reduced from the normal price of £95. If you are a school, college or university, you can order a 5 or 10 site license for £50 per copy.

What's new in Mabuse

Version 1.5:
  • Audio segmentation and tempo detection - slices your beats and guesses the tempo. Load in sections from your mp3 collection and grab your favourite rhythms.
  • Wormhole explorer - Infinite spirals to mess with your mind. Guaranteed.
  • Live input - control audio and video from your guitar, keyboard, even your camera.
  • Improved MIDI control. Trigger automatically segmented videos over a keyboard immediately, and program the modulators over MIDI
  • Video mixer - Two channels of video with multi-mode crossfader
  • Improved file system for saving and loading patches
  • VST and Freeframe support
  • REWIRE functionality for connecting to Ableton, Logic, Cubase etc.

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