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Simple checkbook balancing software.   Free
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iCheckBook is a simple checkbook balancing software for the Mac. Please let me know if there are any features you would like added.
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Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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thefuzzytongue reviewed on 17 Nov 2012
I'm bad at math and this app isn't. Easy to read and easy to put in transactions. It is exactly what it says, a digital check book that doesn't screw up the math! Simple and easy, made my life a little less complicated, what more do you need?!

I do wish it had categories so I could see where I spend my money; like bills, entertainment, food etc.
[Version 3b]


SonorousGiraffe reviewed on 02 Sep 2011
I was looking for a simple checkbook to record transactions. I don't need all the junk that comes with Quicken.

Has a few minor bugs, but nothing major.
[Version .3b]



baas97 reviewed on 17 Jun 2011
I have downloaded this twice and can not get it to function, nor can I find help anywhere on the webpage. I am a new Mac user, but not an idiot, and I am sure I'm missing something. This has all been very frustrating and I just wasted 90 minutes...
[Version .3b]


Skyhorse commented on 07 Sep 2007
Wow, both the name and the basic appearance are almost identical to Checkbook from Splasm, except that Checkbook's got a lot more features (like reconciliation) and multiple accounts. I need those added features and so use Checkbook. I wonder if this one's database will hold up with many thousands of entries over multiple years like Checkbook, too. I don't want to discourage the developer, but this looks to a non-lawyer like it's close enough to another product for a copyright challenge.
[Version .1b]

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Version Downloads:1,183
Type:Business : Finance
Date:10 Oct 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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iCheckBook is a simple checkbook balancing software for the Mac. Please let me know if there are any features you would like added.

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