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28 September 2010

For constructing optical filters and more.


CoherentOptics is a freeware program for constructing optical filters and for simulating the passage of coherent light of one color and polarization at a time. This simulated propagation through an optical system, uses Fresnel optics, but no ray tracing. The magnitude and phase information of the propagating light is saved as Real and Imaginary parts of a complex number. These arrays of numbers can be saved, and manipulated in many ways. It is designed to compliment a research program involving image manipulation and holographic recognition, but seems to be useful in other ways.

What's new in CoherentOptics

Version 2.4.4:
  • The lookup function (scripting) now can do either linear or (default) cubic interpolation.
  • The display icon can now show an individual external window if you wish.
  • There are some small tweaks and a script icon added.
  • A bug in the big window option that makes crashes is fixed. The big array can now be as large as 4096 by 4096. Things run slowly at that size.
  • The screen can now be colorized if you wish & a new way of calculating a lens\'s focal length is available in the lens window.You may now work while the help window is open.
  • A bug that prevented copying the screen in OS 10.6 has been fixed. The speed of some operations has been increased. The clip text icon has had its capabilities extended to include file and data transfer.

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