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Build 433
14 March 2008

Back up files to friends computers.


Fubario is a powerful and secure way to make sure all of your valuable files are protected against hard drive failure or accidental deletion.

With Fubario, you and one or more friends lend each other some spare disk space, and then you each store backups of your files on the other person's computer.

Is this safe? Yes! Fubario uses encryption for all communications between you and your friends. Also, your backup files are encrypted so that not even your friends can read the files you are backing up. Having said that, we recommend that you back up to people you know, not strangers off the net. Also, we suggest that you back up to more than one friend, to maximize the safety of your files.

What's new in Fubario

Build 433: Faster file verifications.
Faster data transfers.
Improved restores.
Resumes partial transfers where they left off.

NOTE - Fubario auto-restarts & auto-updates itself when an update is available, so existing users don't need to download anything :-)

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
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