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Garmin Communicator Plugin lets you connect your Garmin GPS with your favorite website. Once the plugin is installed, just connect your Garmin GPS device to your computer, and you're on your way. The Garmin Communicator can send and retrieve data from any supported website.
What's New
Version 4.1:
  • Added support for Monterra
  • Added capability to perform aviation updates without elevated privileges on OS X 10.8 and above
  • Added better handling for file with no timestamps on devices
  • Fixed an issue with Base64 decoding that caused last character in the stream to be ignored
Intel, OS X 10.5 or later

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ver. 4.x:
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Harv reviewed on 19 Feb 2012
'Twas all my fault…

In case others are having the problem I thought I had, you might find my solution of benefit.

The reason the Plugin did not work is that I had "ClickToPlugin v2.6" installed and had not modified the setting/preference to allow the Communicator to load.

Indeed, the problem was not the software or Garmin's tech support, but rather, Operator Error.

And of course, my most sincere apologies to Garmin.
[Version 4.0.1]



Harv reviewed on 29 Jan 2012
When I installed the 4.0.1 Plugin, It concluded with an alert that the Plugin was installed successfully.

But when I went to the Garmin.comDashboard page, I always got “Plugin Not Installed Exception”.

Many emails later and 2 hours of live/phone Garmin Tech Support did not resolve the issue and ended with the recommendation that I wait for the next version.

I like the GPS, but the SW & Tech Support are, IMNHO, unacceptable.

I cannot but conclude, that the Garmin SW Development Team and their tech support is Mac Challenged in the extreme.
[Version 4.0.1]



Ted Burger reviewed on 17 Aug 2011
Version 3.0.1 is 32 bit only. Requires that Firefox by running in 32 bit mode in order for it to work.
[Version 3.0.1]


Just Fred commented on 12 Nov 2010
I subscribe to the (free) RunningAhead web site. One of its features is the ability to upload Garmin data from my Forerunner 205. In order to do so, the Communicator Plug-in has to be installed on my computer. Works like a charm!
[Version 2.9.3]


ColemanH commented on 11 Nov 2010
I've never downloaded this thing, yet I communicate with a number of websites using my Forerunner 305. Can't really see the point, therefore. Any comments would be appreciated.
[Version 2.9.3]

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Jpwgibson replied on 29 Dec 2012
Someone gave a thumbs down because this user didn't see the point of the plugin? That's pretty darn special.

Randyharris commented on 11 Nov 2009

I don't know if it was the new Safari 4.0.4 or the new build of Communicator - but this is the first time that this plugin has ever worked for me in Safari.

[Version 2.9.1]



Jdrwiebe reviewed on 17 Oct 2009
Excellent. Finally works with 10.6.1 and Safari Version 4.0.3 (6531.9)
[Version 2.8.3]


dorkypants commented on 11 Sep 2009
I also find that the Garmin web test page fails to detect the plugin in Safari 4.02 but succeeds in Firefox 3.5.x. Regardless, the plugin works in Safari, at least with . Conclusion: Garmin's web test page lies!
[Version 2.8.2]


MikeNColo tipped on 30 Aug 2009
I have a Mac w/ Safari 4.0.3
I could get the Garmin Communicator plug-in to load and Safari recognizes it fine.
Garmin's website says it can't find it.
I tried the tip of removing the Flip4Mac webpage plug-in, put that didn't work.
Finally ran uninstall for Flip4Mac and completely removed it.
Reran Garmin Communicator Plug-in install, and now everything works.
I'll just have to remember this next time there is a map update available - yeah right...LOL
Hope this helps someone else.
[Version 2.8.1]


ralkem commented on 14 Aug 2009
OK with Firefox but nothing with Safari 4.0.3
[Version 2.8.1]

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Franko replied on 14 Aug 2009
Test page detects the plug-in in Firefox 3.5.2 but not Safari 4.03

K.booth had trouble on 20 Jan 2012
Upon installation and restart of Firefox 9.0.1 (NoScript, Flashblock) Mac OS 10.7.2 (lion) (w/Little Snitch running), Firefox displayed this:
"This page asks to use a plugin that can only be run in 32-bit mode"

It doesn't appear that the latest plugin is compatible with my configuration (or, I've so severely constrained its ability to operate that is does not).
[Version 4.0.1]


Franko had trouble on 10 Sep 2009
Once again Safari 4.03 does not load the plug in (2.8.2) and Garmin's test page cannot detect it. Firefox 3.5.3 however loads it fine and the plug-in is detected.
Following the tip from Mikencolo: I put Flip4Mac's plugins into a temp folder (Flip4Mac WMV Plugin.plugin and Flip4Mac WMV Plugin.webplugin)
Restarted Safari and success, the plug in is detected.
Now who'll fix the problem: Telestream or Garmin? ;)
[Version 2.8.2]

Tom02474 had trouble on 08 Mar 2009
Seems to not yet work with Safari 4 Public Beta. Test page says it's not installed. Firefox passes the Garmin test. So using Safari 4 with MapMyRide is still on hold.
[Version 2.6.4]

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Nedly replied on 13 May 2009
Still doesn't work with Safari. Works fine with Fire Fox.....Shame.. I had hopes.

VoxMac replied on 15 Jun 2009
A Workaround to have it works With Safari 4, is to remove Flip4Mac WMV Plugin.webplugin in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder.

Flip4Mac WMV Plugin.plugin must be left in the folder.

Dave Creek had trouble on 08 Mar 2009
I also had an unsuccessful installation. I tried the “Test Page” and nothing happened. I then tried going to“” and when I had logged in I got an HTTP STATUS 500 page with the description. “The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.” I suspect it's a Java version error. I'm Java version 10 using which I think is the latest version.
[Version 2.6.4]


M Chang had trouble on 09 Aug 2007
Visited "More Information" link and looked at Garmin's Web site. It says "Mac support coming soon." HUH?!?

Went ahead, downloaded plug-in and installed.

Fired up Safari and went to the test page. Said the plug-in was not installed or the browser is not compatible.

Switched over to Firefox. Same results.

So I can't do anything with this. Yippee.
[Version 2.2]

Hate_Mac_Update_Privacy_Policy rated on 20 Feb 2014

[Version 4.1]

Wimpiestar rated on 10 Aug 2012

[Version 4.0.1]

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Garmin Communicator Plugin lets you connect your Garmin GPS with your favorite website. Once the plugin is installed, just connect your Garmin GPS device to your computer, and you're on your way. The Garmin Communicator can send and retrieve data from any supported website.

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