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Cube Puzzle2.5

20 September 2007

Rubik 3D puzzle color matching game.


Cube Puzzle is a complete functional version of the 2x2 and classic 3x3 rubik cube puzzle. Donation supported version for all sizes of rubik cubes. Very flexible including window-free view and ability to create custom cubes. Now featuring InfiniCube and Nested cubes! InfiniCube! The user has the option of creating a cube of arbitrarily large (tiles per face) size. There are easy menu connections to cubes of size 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, ... 9x9. Nested Cubes! Even more exciting is a new kind of rubik cube. All of those internal cubies in the larger cubes are now nested cubes. For instance a 7x7 cube contains a 5x5 cube which contains a 3x3 cube and finally a 1x1 cube at the core. Manipulations of the external cube cause corresponding changes to all the internal cubes. If a plain rubik cube is too easy for you now you can have the challenge of solving any number of nested cubes simultaneously! This feature is possible for a computer simulation because you can view the internal cubes without taking apart and reassembling anything. It is a very cool feature to play with.

What's new in Cube Puzzle

Version 2.5: Two new puzzles! Now the donation supported version includes the cubic skewb and the octahedral skewb. Both are deep cut puzzles that twist around four possible axes. The twist is by 120 degrees rather than 90 degrees. There is also an option in both versions that allows various "cubies" to be made visible or invisible. This provides for some very interesting views especially when combined with the layers of nested cubes.

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