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Inspired by the DEFCON game.   Free
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DEFCON Screen Saver displays the DEFCON globe. Now your computer can dream of global thermonuclear war, even when idle.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

MacUpdate - DEFCON Screen Saver

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ver. 1.x:
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Koibito-San commented on 22 Oct 2009
Ambrosia recently updated the screensaver, but the links don't reflect it, and it's not immediately findable with the site's navigation... It is located here, however:
[Version 1.0]

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Thresher-The-Shark replied on 31 Dec 2010
Thanks for the link!
Obewan commented on 30 Sep 2009
Got my new mac today. Wow.

Defcon does not work on 10.6. Boo.
[Version 1.0]



Schmelding reviewed on 14 Feb 2008
I love this screensaver. Everyone that sees my computer comments how cool it is.

One feature request: Sliders to choose the color.

I'm usually all over simplicity and would rather have something that works great than something buggy with a lot of features, but in my office a red globe would jive a lot better with the office scheme.

[Version 1.0]


Feh.-App-Store commented on 13 Jun 2007
I don't find the offcenter annoying, although if you're going to do that, maybe introduce a slider int the options for the x position.

This is one sweet screensver.
[Version 1.0]


unq1 commented on 12 Jun 2007
NICE screensaver...BUT! why is it centered off to the right side of the screen?.....annoying to say the least.

Screen is @ 1280 X 1024 resolution(Native).
[Version 1.0]



8oo8 reviewed on 12 Jun 2007
This wonderful screensaver ("Now your computer can dream of global thermonuclear war, even when idle") is brought to us by the good folks who brought us the even more wonderful game, Defcon, who's theme is ...."to successfully exterminate the enemy's civilian population while at the same time disabling the enemy's ability to retaliate"; truly every neo-con and aspiring neo-con's most heartfelt dream.
To those of us who love this theme, and go for it with rapturous joy, allow me me say, from the bottom of my heart, "may there be mushroom clouds galore for all of us; may our families, friends, neighborhoods, towns and cities be incinerated......real soon!"
[Version 1.0]

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MacUpdate-Lon replied on 12 Jun 2007
Do I detect a note of sarcasm? Surely not. `8-)


Oliver_Smith reviewed on 12 Jun 2007
forgot to rate ;-)
[Version 1.0]


Oliver_Smith commented on 12 Jun 2007
simple, light, grey/black "a la" old school perfect love it!!!
[Version 1.0]

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Version Downloads:6,538
Type:Utilities : Screen Savers
Date:11 Jun 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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DEFCON Screen Saver displays the DEFCON globe. Now your computer can dream of global thermonuclear war, even when idle.

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