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Change size/format of multiple images at once.   Free
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ResizeIt allows you to change the size and file format of multiple images at the same time.
What's New
Version 3.5.0:
  • Added PDF conversion function
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later

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ResizeIt User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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tommytune reviewed on 20 Apr 2012
version 3.4.0 (on my G5 PPC) doesn't work for me under 10.4.11. It crashes at launch. I tracked the error in the log:
(I'm paraphrasing)... "library 'quicklook.frameworks' failed to load". The app never opened.

That "QuickLook" library is a Leopard library (I found it on my Leopard partition).

version 3.2.2 works fine on Tiger.
Possibly an oversight by the programmer calling version 3.4.0 functional under Tiger.
One mini-bug I found. The progress bar stays active as if it's taking a long time, but the files are actually resized very quickly. I just dismiss the progress bar.
Does the job. Quick, Decent app
[Version 3.4.0]



Datakleptomanik reviewed on 27 Nov 2011
Latest version is crashing in 10.4.11.
[Version 3.3.0]



formerlyarthurclarke reviewed on 26 Nov 2011
The one I always come back to for batch resizing. Simple, effective, and it keeps EXIF info which some others do not.
[Version 3.3.0]



Morgan_Alex reviewed on 24 Apr 2011
A very simple but useful image batch app.
The GUI needs some work though.
[Version 3.2.2]



Wile-E. reviewed on 23 Apr 2011
I have tried similar apps for resizing but none of them performed for me the way this one does. A few simple preferences provide all the options I need to edit either a single, or batch, picture's dimensions or overall size.

My only criticism is that occasionally I will launch ResizeIt and I will get an alert that the version I am using has expired and I need to download a newer version.
[Version 3.2.2]


Rosgar commented on 30 Apr 2010
I don't get it, when I resize my image, the image turns into negative.
[Version 3.1.1]



Colette reviewed on 10 Oct 2009
I have the same problem. The most important is the lack of a customizable size, so that any user could define the exact dimensions for the loaded photos.
[Version 3.0]


Jazzyguy commented on 26 Sep 2009
Dunno! Using 10.5.8 on a 12"G4 Powerbook.I chose 6 .jpgs and used ratio 50% it didn't resize anything. I tried 25% no dice! I finally used Quickview's contextual menu and resized them all.You guys are raving about this app how come it didn't work for me?
[Version 2.4]


Fredducker commented on 24 May 2008
To me it's really the best but be careful when you resize using the "Width and Height" option since it might squeeze your pictures to resize them. You should never overwrite or delete without checking the results anyways.
[Version 2.1.2]


Roro01 reviewed on 09 Dec 2007

Many thanks to the developer for fixing the problem I mentioned below. I've tried all the application's functions using 200 photos and all work fine. The speed is amazing. Although more features would be welcome - as I wrote below - it is obvious from the application's name that they would be "extras".
[Version 2.0.1]


liberlike had trouble on 08 Aug 2011
I have been using ResizeIt to my great satisfaction. Today it stopped working. So I stashed it to Trash and downloaded the newer version. But a warning box displays that "The following Disk image couldn't be opened" and the reason given is "Not recognized". Strange! What went wrong? Any idea?
[Version 3.2.2]


Fredducker rated on 22 Oct 2012

[Version 3.5.0]


Ollie1972 rated on 22 Aug 2012

[Version 3.5.0]


MooreSusan_UK rated on 02 Aug 2011

[Version 3.2.2]

Roro01 rated on 18 Dec 2010

[Version 3.2.1]

Version Downloads:7,442
Type:Multimedia Design : Image Editing
Date:21 Aug 2012
Platform:PPC 64 / PPC 32 / Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
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ResizeIt allows you to change the size and file format of multiple images at the same time.

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