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Simple Web based invoicing system.   Free
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Simple Invoices is a simple Web based invoicing system designed to get the job done, Free/Open source software, community developed, no hype, no buzz words, and no whizzbang features you're never going to use.
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Version 2011.1: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
  • Intel/PPC
  • Mac OS X 10.1 or later
  • mysql.
  • php + GD.

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Simple Invoices User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2011.x:
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Evotwo reviewed on 28 Oct 2011
I wish I could say go for it, its fantastic but unfortunately I can't. It does everything it should reasonably well right up to the crucial bit - The Invoice

Little choice of template and running on Smarty which just made the whole coding up a new template way to much anoyance.

It's so very nearly there but I fear that it's core development maybe the thing that will hold it back from making that next leap. Real shame.
[Version 2011.1]


Zapp Brannigan commented on 24 Apr 2010
Fabulous! Currently I'm using the web solution Blinksale and have to pay quite a bit extra to send PDF invoices or more than 3 invoices a month. Which I do. It's not a huge amount of money, but the updates are few and far between as is the control.

This web program is what I've been looking for and here's my wishlist to the Developers (if the read these comments).
1. Invoice counter (or something that shows you what your last invoice number was)
2. P.O. Number (this could probably be a custom field) I usually just put 'Verbal'
3. More invoice templates!!!! With thumbnail previews and a easier way to make custom changes, i.e., logo, tax ID# (if necessary), etc... I found it hard to find these and some I still haven't
3. Different templates for Estimates and a way to add large amounts of text that estimates generally have (disclaimers, timelines, rights, etc....)
4. A choice to send invoices as HTML emails, HTML emails with a PDF attached, or just a PDF attached. I sent a test email to my email account and the body of the message was empty. No biggie, but it couldn't hurt to have one's company name in there (if you choose not to do HTML emails).
5. Back to estimate templates: They don't have to be fancy. You can sign up to blinksale for free and see what I mean. It's more of a color scheme changes and fonts that make them different.
6. Ability to send a thank you note after a payment is made (again, using a nice looking HTML email, not a PDF).
7. Ability to send reminders automatically (if you can, I couldn't find it! Sorry!).

My motto is to see what the competition is doing (blinksale), and do it better, faster, and quicker. And I love being able to upload the whole caboodle to my site where I have total control over it. I'm not a PHP programmer hence my harping on the pre-designed templates. Again, nothing fancy.

Otherwise, I think you folks have done an awesome job and since as you say it's still in the oven but ready for use, I'll hold off on rating the software. Right now I'd give it FIVE stars for effort and Four stars for the implementation. Thanks you!
[Version 2010.2 beta 4]


sandant commented on 20 Aug 2007
Easy to install, very well documented with great help from the creator, Still in development however at the stage it can be used in a live environment. This program is very useful and easy to customise. Strongly recomended if your seeking an easy invoicing method
[Version 20070525]

Andres Jimenez commented on 18 Aug 2007
I have it working smoothly in my Imac, using MAMP. There is just one thing that I had to fix for the reports to work but was simple and found the answer in the wiki.
and by the way is a nice community with people willing to help. Other than that fully recommended for a simple invoicing process
[Version 20070525]

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Peter da Silva replied on 09 Mar 2008
The file referenced by that web page doesn't appear to exist any more. Have they fixed the bug?
objectconstant commented on 18 Aug 2007
I've tested a few different invoice systems and actually attempted creating my own (it was so horrible) and I found simple invoices and fell in love! thanks!
[Version 20070525]

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Date:14 May 2011
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Simple Invoices is a simple Web based invoicing system designed to get the job done, Free/Open source software, community developed, no hype, no buzz words, and no whizzbang features you're never going to use.

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