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Lyrics is a very simple piece of software that just shows the lyrics that iTunes is playing in a window. It never bothers you with needless functions.

The package includes a source code so that you can modify it yourself.
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Version 1.3:
  • Adds a feature to edit and save lyrics.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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Macuppity reviewed on 28 Jan 2014
This app is bare-bones, but it does just what it needs to do: displays a simple TextEdit-like window with the lyrics of the currently playing song in iTunes.

It would be nice with some customization options for appearance (maybe something for a paid version?), font size is the only one.

My one quib with this little app is that after you have brought up the preferences window with cmd-comma there seems to be no way of closing it except with the cursor.

After Gimmesometune went out of development, I know of no other apps that can give you the lyrics in a separate window. (Although Desktoplyrics can show them on the desktop, and Cover Version can show them in an iTunes visualizer.)

This app does not find lyrics. For that I recommend the excellent freeware GetLyrical.
[Version 1.3]


jungelbobo reviewed on 16 Dec 2012
lol i have to use it along with get lyrical to make my lyrics display function properly, due to the size of font in get lyrical being too small and this app alone cannot seek lyrics automatively.

I wish someone combine these two simple apps together to save troubles...

anyways, great work
[Version 1.3]


Krioni commented on 23 Jan 2010
For what it's worth, it DOES function properly now. Apparently there has been an update since the reviews that said it couldn't get lyrics.

It does exactly what it says: a simple display of the lyrics in a simple window that you can set a font size for. I probably won't use it (I use GimmeSomeTune with its universal key-command to toggle show/hide the lyrics window), but it works.
[Version 1.3]

Roro01 commented on 08 Dec 2007
There are four other alternatives to view lyrics:

Sing That iTune! - in Dashboard.
FetchYourLyrics - in an application window.
DesktopLyrics - directly on the desktop without a window.
Cover Version - in an iTunes Visualizer.

The decision is yours!
[Version 1.3]


magosilvan commented on 08 Dec 2007
It is not integrated with iTunes and seems to find only a poor percentage of lyrics even of famous songs.
[Version 1.3]



nexialys reviewed on 31 Jul 2007
tis is a great tool... it do actually what it is call to do...

i wanted a tool that display only the lyrics... nothing more. no widget, no gadget, jut show the lyrics...

[Version 1.2]

midiw commented on 17 Jun 2007
This application should have a "SAVE" lyrics feature.
[Version 1.2]


Hendo commented on 09 May 2007
The thing is (no offense developer) this app was probably written in Applescript and I have made a lyrics program (that won't fetch lyrics anymore because the stupid website started blocking it) but honestly it is only a few lines of code to get already obtained lyrics in a window. The point is applescript is easy, iTunes visualizations are not
[Version 1.1]

Roro01 commented on 09 May 2007
Should be rebuilt as iTunes visualizer.

This way it would be an integral part of iTunes, save space on the desktop and avoid the need to launch an additional application.
[Version 1.1]

2 Replies

Yil2201 replied on 09 May 2007
Yes. I absolutely agree with you ;) an iTunes vizualisation could be a great thing !
I thought the point of the app was to download lyrics from the internet, but I was disapointed. I think you have to think about this feature !
Roro01 replied on 09 May 2007
If you want to download lyrics from the internet in conjunction with iTunes, the best app I have found is FetchYourLyrics.

Pedrotaquelim had trouble on 10 Dec 2007
It only appears the name of the song and band in the window title. The rest stays empty, No Lyrics... (?)

Mac OS X 10.4.11
Power Mac G4 450Mhz
1.25 GB Ram
[Version 1.3]

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stugots replied on 05 Apr 2009
same thing here... fail...
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Lyrics is a very simple piece of software that just shows the lyrics that iTunes is playing in a window. It never bothers you with needless functions.

The package includes a source code so that you can modify it yourself.

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