OxMath 2D/3D Math Library
OxMath 2D/3D Math Library


OxMath 2D/3D Math Library free download for Mac

OxMath 2D/3D Math Library

11 February 2008

Open source 2D/3D math library for REALbasic.


OxMath is a modular 2D and 3D math library with common classes like vectors and quaternions, plus more advanced features such as vector-arrays and bounding volume/intersection classes. The vector-arrays are designed for efficient vertex and triangle storage with batch processing functions that utilize Accelerate.framework (AltiVec/SSE SIMD functions) on Mac OS X whenever possible. Time-slice function classes are also included to help create finite or cyclical procedural animations.

What's new in OxMath 2D/3D Math Library

Version 2.1:
  • Major API overhaul.
  • More scalar operations added to the vector and vector-array classes.
  • Several new vector and scalar extensions have been added to the optional OxMathExtensions module.
  • Full and proper class documentation now included.
  • Numerous stability and bug fixes.

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