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18 September 2008

Displays circular plasmid maps with four kinds of features.


XPlasMap... Draw plasmid & genomic DNA maps showing restriction sites, genes, multiple cloning sites, and other features; copy and paste between maps; import from GenBank files; save as JPG or PNG

What's new in XPlasMap

Version 0.9.9:
  • Ovals, rectangles, and arrows for annotations
  • Auto-positioning for enzymes and gene text
  • Import from EMBOSS
  • Convert restriction sites to MCS/MCS to restriction sites
  • Change feature fonts on an individual basis
  • Insert, copy, and cut fragments by restriction site
  • Export to plain text
  • Import circular DNA from GenBank correctly
  • Plasmid name and description are moveable
  • Determine PNG and JPG resolution at export
  • Checkbox to identify ORFs in Genbank during import
  • Change "Insert fragment" shortcut from "⌘I" to "⌘V"
  • Change "Edit plasmid info" shortcut to "⌘I"
  • "Info" icon in toolbar to edit plasmid info
  • Many bugfixes

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