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06 February 2007

GUI for rsync backup utility.


RipCord is an application that lets the everyday person use the rsync protocol to backup their files over the Internet or LAN for free.

Normally if someone wanted to backup their files on their Mac using rsync long and cryptic commands must be ran at the terminal line. Ripcord makes this unnecessary and also provides you with more options that you may have not known about or used.

What is Rsync? Rsync is a protocol used for transferring files from one computer to another. ItÕs free and available on all Mac/Linux/Unix computers and servers.

What makes rsync so special is that itÕs extremely fast and efficient in running and transferring files. For example if you backup a large text file and the next day change one work in it your next backup will only upload the changed word and not the whole document again.Must be copied to your UTILITIES folder only, will not work in the applications folder.

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