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17 April 2007

Put a graphic over top of a QuickTime movie.


MovieMerge is an application that enables you to put a graphic over top of a QuickTime movie. It can blend any QuickTime supported image over any QuickTime supported movie.

I wrote the application because I couldn't find any cheap way of making a friend's movie that he took of his dog in portrait orientation into landscape orientation without distorting the movie. And then I needed to figure out what to do with the "ears". That's where the overlay of the image came in.

What's new in MovieMerge

Version 1.01:
  • Just before the save dialog appears, I show the standard export settings dialog for QuickTime movies.
  • With the export settings dialog, you can set the compression for video and audio (if available).
  • You can also tap into some of the cool filter features of QuickTime.

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