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08 April 2007

Build tile bridges in this brightly colored puzzle game.


ZACK! is a strategy game that's delightfully addictive! Based on the concept of placing tiles to build bridges, each tile must match the color of adjacent pieces.

It starts simply: there are four basic colors to the tiles. Building straight bridges is easy. You are also given the occasional joker that allows any color to be adjacent to the piece. As you progress, ZACK! first adds two more colors - and then, 60 'combo' colors.

It's a puzzle. It's strategy. It's addictive. It's ZACK! The trial version allows you to launch 19 times before requiring a payment.

Trivia note: ZACK! got it's name from the sounds CEO Malte Brill makes when playing the game.

What's new in ZACK!

Verison 1.0 (1.1):
  • Fixed hole in UNDO system that could be exploited for cheats

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