Lobster Petting
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Light-hearted, crustacean-centric novelty app.   Free
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Lobster Petting is a humorous novelty application for anyone who has ever wanted to pet a lobster.
What's New
Version 1.5:
  • Added ability to change the color of the background
  • Added 'boiling' option
  • Added 'fez' option
  • Added 'Disco'
  • Added three new songs
  • Change the user interface slightly
  • New about box
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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Lobster Petting User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Peter da Silva commented on 07 Oct 2007
The first seafood petting application, the command line based "angry starfish adventure" for the Nautilus Squid, Heathkit H19 and 16k Altair (published in Doctor Froggs magazine), is still the best domestication game out there. None of the GUI-based applications I've seen hold a candle to the classic "puzzle" petting games... if your lobster doesn't start out trying to eat you how can you possibly claim to have "domesticated" it? There's no problem solving and hardly any room for role playing in these fluffy "eye candy" applications.
[Version 1.5]



halfasemitone reviewed on 07 Oct 2007
The Lobster Petting and other Seafood Domestication software market is absolutely saturated these days. It was only yesterday that I remember Macromedia Free Shell, but then got bought out by Adobe and is now called Adobe Crustaceashop. Quark had their pinch at the market with Quark Arthropod Xpress.

This program seems to lack the luster of the old Lobster Petting software when it wasn't bogged down with big heavy code like "fez scripting" and simplicty was the name of the game.

The much rumored app "Barnacles" that will be included in iLife Suite is already causing the vapourware effect on the market. And I don't blame them. Apple has been working on this since Steve Jobs came and revamped Apple and made it a tightly run ship. But of course like Jobs, he denied the whole thing:

"I hate seafood, I don't like water, I'll never, ever, ever subject Apple to the Shellfish Domestication game." Of course 5 years later, we see files like "com.shell.pinchers" in our Preferences Library.

Although Lobster Petting 1.5 runs extremely well on the Macintels the interface was daunting and was a big task for people like me who only pet my Lobster maybe once or twice a month. Pro level Lobster Petters would find this app a double edged sword when it comes to the learning curve. Once you get past the Disco setting, the interface seems less of a steep hill.

I prefer to wait for the "simplified" version of Seafood Software "Barnacles" It's the Lobster Petting app for the rest of us.
[Version 1.5]



Gaoshan reviewed on 05 Oct 2007
Best lobster petting program on the market today, bar none.
May I suggest that you charge something for it? Say $39.99? It is certainly worth much, much more than that but you should have a low threshold of entry for new lobster petting devotees. Maybe paying users could get a moan to go with the squeak.
[Version 1.5]


Alrescha commented on 05 Oct 2007
I think you should know that lobsters are only red after they are cooked. No squeaking happens after that... :-)
[Version 1.5]

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MacUpdate-Lon commented on 05 Oct 2007
This has been noted long ago.

allblue commented on 05 Oct 2007
Note to developer:

I think you should make it clear in the read me that you cannot cook the lobster by dropping your computer in a pan of boiling water - I know, I tried.
[Version 1.5]


FriedDylan commented on 05 Oct 2007
A bargain at the price.
[Version 1.5]



MacUpdate-Lon reviewed on 05 Oct 2007
The 'fez' option is sublime.
[Version 1.5]


klagreca commented on 13 Mar 2007
I freakn' LOVE this app! It cracks me up!

Please, please, please continue to develop this app! I really want to bond further with my pet lobster.


Self-Inflicted reviewed on 08 Mar 2007
Straightforward and honest. No misrepresentation or over-pricing here. Destined to become a cult classic, ranking somewhere below "Jared, Butcher of Song," but still in the top ten.

One could hope for a bit more interactivity in Lobster Petting 2.0, but as it is, this lives up to its promises better than many version 1.0 applications.


BDog commented on 08 Mar 2007
It's cool, I was just disappointed that it didn't actually squeak.

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Version Downloads:2,354
Type:Games : Simulation
Date:05 Oct 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Lobster Petting is a humorous novelty application for anyone who has ever wanted to pet a lobster.

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