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Hagus' EPG

06 March 2007

Allows use of EPG with EyeTV in Australia.


Hagus' EPG provides an electronic program guide for Australian television.

Do you use EyeTV on the Mac? Do you loathe the fact that you don't have access to any Electronic Program Guide (EPG) in Australia? Download Hagus' EPG and learn to love your EyeTV again!

In a nutshell, this application fetches the program information for a particular day, on a particular channel. You can then hit the 'Add Program' button, and hey-presto - your EyeTV schedule will be updated with an entry for that date. Including a description, correct duration, etc.

It's pretty simple in concept, but it's all made possible by the generous folks at d1.com.au who have loaned me their data feed of program information. Thanks people!

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