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Advanced test-making & test-taking software.


Developer website: Gabelinski Creations

SuperExam is advanced computer test-making & test-taking software, valuable for any type of multiple-choice tests, quizzes, or evaluations. Tests written and given right on the Mac.

SuperExam's features include: standard or weighted-question exams, timed exams, optional instant examinee feedback, 3 different question orders, passwords, clear and attractive user interface, images in questions, scrambled answers, searching, 20 sample questions, tutorial, instant scoring (with 4 scoring options), full records of all exams taken, graph of outcomes, and interruption protection. Free and quick support. Free lifetime upgrades.

What's New

Version 2.0 Features Exam modes & types 1. SuperExam offers two exam modes:
  • You can easily create a new exam or change an old one.
  • As many examinees as you want can take the exam (unsupervised if you wish). 2. You can create a Standard exam or a Weighted Question exam. Weighted Question exams create different point values for each question, depending on the difficulty level you set. Passwords 1. Writer passwords are required for exam security. 2. Examinee passwords are optional (for enhanced exam security). Number of questions You can offer up to 250 questions. Questions are presented with a clear, attractive interface with unobtrusive sound effects. (20 sample questions are included, demonstrating testing possibilities.) Writing the exam 1. You have access to a complete tool set for erasing old questions and creating new ones, including importing and manipulating images to enhance questions (see examples). Images can be in GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, XWD, XBM, XPM format or PBM, PGM, or PPM files. TIFF and PDF image formats are not supported. 2. You can search the questions for key characters, words, or strings. Writer options 1. Scramble the answer choices for each question and reset the letter of the correct answer each time the exam is taken. Or not. 2. Deduct a portion of a point for incorrect answers (to discourage guessing). The portion depends on how many answer choices there are. Or not. 3. Create a timed exam, even allowing one break during long exams (with no examinee time penalty). The examinee receives clear (graphic) information on his or her question-answering pace, and a continual update as to how much time remains and how many questions are left. Or not. 4. Allow the examinee to be informed in real time:
  • if the chosen answer is correct.
  • what the right answer was (immediately after missing it).
  • of a running percentage (changed after each question is answered). Or not. Examinee options 1. Set a screen backdrop to any of six colors to avoid distraction. Or the backdrop can be set to none (revealing the desktop). 2. Answer questions in any of these different orders:
  • Sequential (1, 2, 3, etc.)
  • Random (12,45,33, etc.)
  • Manual (picking which number to answer each time) Note: This option can be overridden by the writer. 3. See a "tool tip" screen explaining how to use the Question screens (before taking an exam). Question answering features 1. The examinee can click the grey vertical bar to the left of the answer choices to use "process of elimination." This dims answers already rejected and helps to narrow down the ones still being considered. 2. If finding out the right answer was not an option, the examinee may go back to troublesome questions and reconsider answers (time permitting on timed exams). 3. At the end of the exam, the examinee receives full and instantaneous exam results, including a letter grade, or pass/fail (if the writer has selected that option). He or she can also see how others have done on the same exam. Grading & exam records 1. You may grade:
  • according to traditional percentages (90% A, 80% B, etc.).
  • based on a curve (using either percentages you set, or standard deviations).
  • using Pass/Fail.
  • simply recording percentages correct out of all examinee answers. Note: You can switch back and forth betqween these grading systems to see which one you prefer. 2. You have private access to:
  • complete and printable records of exam results and scores for all examinees on a particular exam (including time spent, preferences chosen, answers chosen, and answers changed, if any).
  • a graph of all examinee scores, compared to a normal curve, with mean score and standard deviations shown. Help SuperExam provides extensive instructions, help, and error checking to make it virtually impossible to do anything wrong. The writer has access to numerous gray dots, each of which, when clicked on, provides more information. The writer and the examinee have constant access to six help screens. Interruption You can recover an interrupted exam (power failure, bomb threat, etc.) and it can be completed manually later.
  • Requirements

    Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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