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24 October 2007

Algebraic geometric modeler.


Axel is an algebraic geometric modeler, the aim of which is to provide "algebraic modeling" tools for the manipulation and computation with implicit and parametric curves or surfaces. Its primary goal is to embed Synaps algebraic capabilities to provide new modeling techniques.

Its main functionalities are:

  • Topology: compute the certified topology of curves and surfaces with either implicit or parametric representation
  • Intersections: compute the intersection of implicit or parametric curves or surfaces
  • Self-intersections : compute the self-intersections of parametric surfaces whatever their parameterization
  • Singularities: compute the singularities of algebraic surfaces
  • Differential modeling: derivative curves, graphed surfaces
  • Set theoretic modeling: boolean operations, arrangements

What's new in Axel

Version 0.4:
  • Added interactive manipulation of BSpline curves and surfaces
  • Improved input-output stream (documented on website, user section)
  • Added parametric curves self intersection algorithm
  • Added an interface to query the parameter space of parametric curves and surfaces
  • Added intersection algorithms
  • Added self-intersection algorithms
  • Added arrangement algorithms
  • Enhanced Model-View-Controller elements for different graph based structures
  • Improved scripting interface

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