Asiva Plug-In Bundle
Asiva Plug-In Bundle


Asiva Plug-In Bundle free download for Mac

Asiva Plug-In Bundle

18 February 2007

4 powerful plug-ins for Photoshop.


The Asiva Plug-In Bundle for Adobe Photoshop features 4 powerful plug-ins for color correction, color replacement, sharpening, blurring, and selection:

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  • Asiva® Shift+Gain 2.2
  • Asiva® Sharpen+Soften 2.2
  • Asiva® Correct+Apply Color 2.2
  • Asiva® Selection 2.2

What's new in Asiva Plug-In Bundle

Version 2.2:
  • All 4 Plug-Ins in the Bundle have replaced the HSV color space with the HSI color space for the 3 Asiva Maps where you draw curves to specify target colors to select, sharpen, blur, correct or replace.
  • Asiva Plug-In Bundle 2.1 features much improved curve drawing.
  • Asiva Plug-In Bundle 2.0 has a major overhaul since version 1.x. Certain controls have been moved to more logical locations, such as the Load and Save Preset buttons. New additions include edge-only capabilities, contraction of color-selected pixels, an opacity control, and quick curve settings in the place of Primary Settings.

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