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18 February 2007

Intelligent uploader.


iWebFlinger has been pulled from its digital shelves to await a day when it can work for all people. Though some found it useful, too many reported bugs which were not evident during development. My apologies to all people who experienced problems. The easy cure is to completely delete iWebFlinger (trash it and empty the trash). If that doesn't work then delete the iWebFlingerDaemon from your login items. Then in Terminal.app run this command: killall iWebFlingerDaemon Still want to give it a try? Send me an email at ShullianProductions@gmail.com

What's new in iWebFlinger

Version 1.2:
  • Fixed unloactable iWebFlingerDaemon.app error.
  • Daemon now runs every 10 seconds (as opposed to 5).
  • Logging is now disabled.

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