2D Data Visualizer Pro
2D Data Visualizer Pro


2D Data Visualizer Pro free download for Mac

2D Data Visualizer Pro

09 March 2007

Quickly create two-dimensional line and scatter plots.


2D Data Visualizer Pro quickly creates great 2D line and scatter plots, because it's always better to see the data:
  • Choose your input data file (import formats include RTF (Textedit), Word Documents, and ASCII text files)
  • Choose your column seperators (comma, tab, etc.)
  • Select your plot type (line, stair, stem, x,y line, scatter plots, etc.)
  • Choose colors, line thickness, scatter symbol type and size, etc.
  • Optionally choose how to animate your plot (frame settings, etc.)
Key features of the 2D Data Visualizer Pro include ...
  • Quick, Easy, Fast, Beautiful 2D Plots
  • Import Data from Word, RTF, or ASCII text files
  • Several Styles to choose from (line, stem, stairs, x-y line, scatter)
  • Annotate your plot - add lines, circles, text to describe your plot
  • Use cursors take measurements
  • Animate your plots and generate QuickTime movies
  • Export your plots to TIFF and PDF files
  • Import PDF's of your LaTex equations
  • Add your own comments to the individual data sets or to the entire plot
  • transpose your data (swap rows and columns)
  • add your own labels and grid settings
  • much more ...

What's new in 2D Data Visualizer Pro

Version 1.0.2:
  • Allows for centering, or right positioning of X Axis labels.
  • Remembers last saved window dimensions when saving files.
  • Checks for version updates on the optunis Web site at startup.
  • Fixed bug loading user settings on previously saved files.
  • Converts all color spaces to calibrated RGB when saving files.

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