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Apple iPhone video toy.   Free
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iPhoneX lets you pretend you have an Apple iPhone. Only for playing. :P
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Version 0.3b: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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aaronfa97 tipped on 27 Jun 2007
0.3 doesnt work anymore,
i have no idea why,
but i really want to try it
[Version 0.3b]

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aaronfa97 replied on 27 Jun 2007
sorry its not a tip

Global Nomad commented on 25 Jan 2007
Well I think the developer deserves marks for trying. It is after all a free piece of software that someone has taken their time to develop and share. If it worked like an iPhone, he would no doubt be charging $499 but for those of us who want as much iPhone exposure as we can until we get to try the real thing, it is a start.

Well Done
[Version 0.3b]

compass commented on 24 Jan 2007
Great idea, but the release is to early.
[Version 0.3b]



qubex reviewed on 24 Jan 2007
If I don't have anything nice to say, I usually stay quiet, but in this particular case I couldn't help it.

This is really, really weak.

It's basically a crufty rendition of an iPhone interface that calls various functions on your Mac to "simulate" the phone's functions - for example, by starting up an attached (or built-in) iSight to simulate the Camera or by presenting your contacts from Address Book in the Calendar function (?!).

Charitably I may say it needs more work; honestly I think it's best abandoned and forgotten.

I've given a rating of one star for features because basically it doesn't do anything, two stars for ease of use because the interface doesn't behave as expected, one star for value because it does absolutely nothing worthwhile and two stars for stability - it didn't crash but many buttons merely invoke a "Demo" screen.
[Version 0.3b]

Studio Jeroen commented on 24 Jan 2007
Sorry for this problem. I have replaced the movies with images. I hope its better now.

[Version 0.3b]


macnerd1984 commented on 24 Jan 2007
Same as everyone else - There's a problem with the "notavailable.mov" file. Opening it in the package reveals that it is there and works but for some reason the app can't use it.

You'd think that the developer might actually take a moment to to test this before posting it but I guess that was too much trouble. OK, so it's just a little fun app but it's almost worse when something so blindingly simple doesn't even work.

Don't give up your day job mate...
[Version 0.2b]


Johnny Rocket commented on 23 Jan 2007
still getting the error where it can't find the 'notavailable.mov'
[Version 0.2b]


Francois Martineau commented on 23 Jan 2007
Yeah, no way to make it work... Same problem here with the "notavailable" movie.

If it includes Leopard, that must be a pre-release !

I hope the real one will work better...
[Version 0.1b]


G7 commented on 23 Jan 2007
Does not work at all. First it displays "Searching for movie" dialog, and finally quits with "The movie notavailable.mov cannot be found. Without this file, the movie cannot play properly."

Well, maybe I'll wait for the next version... ;)
[Version 0.1b]

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Version Downloads:5,274
Type:Business : Applications
Date:24 Jan 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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iPhoneX lets you pretend you have an Apple iPhone. Only for playing. :P

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