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14 December 2007

Utilities for audio/media production.


Accelerando is collection of productivity enhancing Applications and Automator Actions. It is designed to be a powerful yet easily configured extensible system which puts your favorite and most used commands at your fingertips.

Accelerando the application offers streamlined, flexible, and powerful ways to search and run many popular types of scripts and to navigate your system. It supports several flavors of scripts including Shell Scripts, AppleScripts, and Automator workflows. Accelerando allows you to enter shell scripts on the fly using MiniTerminal or search saved scripts and workflows using Accelerando\'s search window, which is based on Spotlight technology. Accelerando is built to be extended by you and to be configured as you like, whether you are new to scripting and automation or a veteran. Links are one good example of what Accelerando can enable. Links allow you to assign any \'label\' to any script file that Accelerando recognizes. To run the link, simply open the Perform Link window and type the abbreviation you have chosen for the corresponding action. This approach allows you to place many thousands of commands just keystrokes away and to quickly change the set of commands you are working with. Accelerando allows you to freely configure key commands and arguments for several commands, and to specify whether the key command is locally or globally available. As an example, this allows you to run one or several scripts or workflows you have written, or to launch any application using a global key command of your choice. Key Command configurations apply to nearly any of Accelerando\'s actions so you can open the Perform Link window using whatever global Key Command you choose. Accelerando has been built to handle extensive configurations.

Accelerando includes several Automator Actions. These actions allow much additional power and control for use with Automator. These allow you to script in new interactive ways. These actions are easily configured. Many are efficient enough and flexible enough to allow new ways bring scripting to a newly interactive level. Actions with several parameters also include the Preset Manager. The Preset Manager allows you to save presets or templates of settings and recall them easily. For a listing of Automator Actions, see Eigentone Research\'s website: Accelerando\'s User Manual may also downloaded separately:

What's new in Accelerando

Version 0.9.8:
  • New: A new demo mode for unregistered users to try the Automator Actions. More consistent behavior across OS X releases and improved resource management.

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
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