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14 February 2012

FTP client and ordering frontend for photo labs.


FTPhoto is much more than an FTP client. It is an intuitive ordering front-end that is customized with your lab's logo, and hard-wired to your server. When you make FTPhoto available for download to your customers, the benefits are many:

It's a nimble desktop application. Unlike some online photography services, FTPhoto does not creak under the weight of the Web browser and Java runtime. The ordering process can be started as simply as by dragging an image file, or a folder full of them, onto the program icon, even if FTPhoto is not already running. Theoretically, a simple order (like a wedding proof job) could be initiated, and the upload started, in just a few seconds. The easier something is to use, the more it _is_ used.

It is targeted to your lab. A customer can use a generic FTP client to send a file anywhere. When he or she is using your branded version of FTPhoto, the file is coming to you.

The order is organized and clear. If your lab already operates an FTP server, and customers are using standard FTP clients to connect, you are probably sifting through accompanying text files (or separate e-mails) to put together the customer's order. By contrast, with FTPhoto, the lab receives the customer's files in a uniquely named folder, with a clearly formatted order form.

Server administration is easy. With FTPhoto, it is not necessary to set up server accounts for individual customers--though this can be done if desired. Likewise, the server need not allow anonymous access with its attendant risks. In normal operation, FTPhoto clients will all hit a single, password-protected account on the server. As stated before, all orders will be bundled in their own folders. Security is maintained; even the FTPhoto client itself need only be given minimal privileges.

What's new in FTPhoto

Version 2.15.0:
  • FTPhoto configuration settings can now be set by lab's server administrator, and updated online, instead of being hard-coded. For instance, it is now possible for the administrator, when desirable or necessary, to change connection details to the FTP server, without breaking existing clients. For the lab, the FTPhoto package now includes an administration tool for this purpose.
  • Changed method of obtaining the user's IP address, which is printed on the order form.
  • Corrected an issue, on some servers, with FTPhoto being unable to delete the order directory on the server, when an upload was aborted and the order cancelled. This had caused FTPhoto, on next launch, to "nag" incorrectly that there were unfinished uploads in the queue.
  • Implemented a more efficient method for handling customer information and application preferences.
  • Online help now accesses correctly under Windows.
  • Corrected an issue with the "saved order" feature, for when the order included a third-party shipping address. However, this means that saved orders from previous versions cannot be read. This is not expected to be a problem for most (if any) users.

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