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Hides all inactive applications at desired interval.   Shareware ($15.00)
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Shoo Apps allows per-application granularity in hiding inactive applications to keep your workspace uncluttered.
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Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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JimW commented on 05 Mar 2007
I have used Spirited Away for years on a PPC without any issues. It completely functions as advertised and without any hassle.

Questions: Why do some developers feel the need to 'reinvent the wheel' and try and charge people for their effort? Why do they not redirect their effort into something new and useful instead of 'chewing the cud' and wasting their talents on something already done well and expecting the uninformed to pay them for it.

Perhaps they are just subscribing a famous quote of W.C. Fields: "It's morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money."
[Version 1.0b3]

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Pariahware, Inc. (developer) replied on 05 Mar 2007
Why do people think all software should be free? I have to pay my bills and feed my family just like you. In reality, $15 is a small amount of money to pay if you like the app. Regardless, I was trying to help people out because when I started development on Shoo Apps, Spirited Away was PPC only. Why do you feel the need to not try the product, and instead, denigrate me, the developer?

JimW replied on 05 Mar 2007
First of all I did not denigrate you, I denigrated the philosophy of releasing and charging for an almost identical product when there is already high quality, established one for free. In fact I supported the development community in general by acknowledging "their efforts" and "wasting their talents". In order to waste talent, you must have talent to begin with.

As a developer you are part of the development community. Personally I feel it is predatory for one to try and make money off of a freely contributed idea and product by creating a completive product and charging for it when it seems to offer little to no advantage over the free product.

Such a philosophy stifles future contributions and volunteerism of others. Not everything in this world deserves or is worthy a price tag. Some things are done just for the experience, for education, or just to make someone's life a bit easier and the world a better place to live. Sometimes it is just nice to make a contribution just for the sake of making the contribution. To paraphrase one of the old Apple motto's 'The journey can be the reward.'

Secondly their is no reason for me to try your app as judging from those who have used it (previous reviews) it seems no better then what I already have - something that does the same thing as you describe for your app and already works just fine. Yes the interface might be a bit different but then again I have no issues with the interface in the current app.

Part of any business plan is having the right product at the right price at the right time. If Western Digital had of been able to deliver DOS to IBM at the right time we might have never heard of Microsoft. So your delivery time was off. That is unfortunate for you but a fact of life. If you had beaten SpiritedAway in the release of Shoo Apps for Intel Mac's, who knows - the developer of SpiritedAway might have abandoned the update. But you didn't. Too Bad.

The ethical thing to to in my opinion would have been to have never introduced it at all or to have written it off as a bad business investment of your time and effort and instead, offered for free or donationware. But you didn't. You chose to take the hard earned money of people who are not aware of the worthy competition that is available for free.

While I question your ethics, I do not feel sorry for those who fail to do their homework and research products and their competition before they buy them. In a capitalistic society one needs to research what they are purchasing or expect that they will not always be getting the best product or price.

Then there is the issue of support. Any mention of support of this product seemed to have escaped my research. Some developers like PTHPaseboard offer free updates for the life of the product and have kept their promise. Others like MacJournal have not kept their promises. Personally I subscribe to the notion that support is worth paying a bit extra for. However I would rather see a developer like you not promise anything than for a company to promise and not deliver on their promises. For that is truly disingenuous.

An observation: Having the word Pariah in you company name does not conjure up warm fuzzy feelings - i.e. Pariah: one that is despised or rejected.

Bobzozus replied on 01 Jun 2012
I completely agree with JimW's post- made, oh, so long ago. Pariahware, is still a Pariah (for charging such an outlandish fee for an app that does essentially the same as the free Spirited Away. Especially because the functionality of the App is so limited. I will grant that now, Pariahware, does allow granularity with regard to when apps disappear in Shoo Apps. However, this improvement, IMHO, should be worth about $5. The only reason to purchase would be if Spirited Away becomes disabled with a Mac OS upgrade. I assume Shoo Apps does offer unlimited upgrades- if purchased through the App Store. And, developer support. For the functionality, $5 seems about right. Anyway, my 2 cents. It is, however, a capitalistic economy- I guess you can charge whatever you wish- and, whatever the market will bear :-)

macsterdam commented on 05 Mar 2007
spirited away is now available for intel as well!
[Version 1.0b3]


Vitalis commented on 23 Dec 2006
Unless you're on a intel mac, you should just use "Spirited Away"
Which is a much better implementation, and free at that.
[Version 1.0b]


AmberV commented on 22 Dec 2006
$15 dollars for this -- and a bible verse? Hmm. No thank you.
[Version 1.0b]

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Type:Utilities : Desktop
Date:24 Apr 2011
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $15.00
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Shoo Apps allows per-application granularity in hiding inactive applications to keep your workspace uncluttered.

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