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Multitoolbox Plugin

04 January 2010

Plugin toolbox for Illustrator.


Multitoolbox Plugin is a plugin toolbox for Illustrator...

*Demo of plugin*. Please note before downloading, this is a very limited demo toolbox plugin. Select a path / image / symbol etc and then use the plugin, the display is only in outline, on release of the mouse, the generated paths will vanish. Also, color options cannot be seen with this demo

The plugin set is a toolbox plugin for Illustrator CS4. The toolkit comes with 13 plugins and created grid designs, scale, circular, spiral, frame, grain, background, paint designs and a whole lot more from the current selected path or paths or images or symbols and more.

The plugin set comes with a large range of options to create truly unique designs in Illustrator (r)

Illustrator and Adobe are registered trademarks of Adobe

What's new in Multitoolbox Plugin

Version 1.3.1:
  • Added additional options to scaledown - alternating / randomized / stops
  • Scaledown added turn value - accumulated angle
  • Updated some dialog text
  • Updated documentation
  • Added scaling options to windmill plug-in
  • Added line scaling / transformation options to global + different options

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  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
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