Desktopple Pro

1.3.2 05 Feb 2008

Menubar item hides desktop clutter for screenshots.


Developer website: FoggyNoggin Software

Desktopple is for you if you've ever needed to take a screenshot and had to clean all of those icons from your Desktop before you could. Or maybe you needed to make a presentation and had to tidy up before hooking into the projector for the whole audience to see. Perhaps you just want to hide those messy Desktop icons so you can concentrate better on whatever task is at hand. Or, if you're like us, maybe you just like a squeaky clean work environment.

With Desktopple, you can quickly and easily hide all of your Desktop clutter. A quick trip to your menu bar is all it takes, and those icons simply vanish from view.

Desktopple is a Menu Bar item. Launch it, and it will hang out in your menu bar waiting to do its job. Click it to hide or show your Desktop, or to get a list of all of your options. If you want Desktopple to launch when you login, simply add it to your Login Items in the System Preferences.

Desktopple Pro Features:

  • Preference Pane Application - All of the Desktopple preferences are conveniently located in the System Preferences. And if your menu bar is crowded, you can easily remove the Desktopple icon and control it with a hot key or Automator Action.
  • Cover Sets - With Cover Sets, you can easily define several "covers" for your Desktop environment. One for screenshots, say, and another for presentations. Then, you can easily switch from one set to another using the handy menu bar item.
  • Window Cleaning - It's great that your Mac lets you run multiple applications, but sometimes all those extra windows can be quite distracting. Desktopple can watch you work, and if you haven't used an application in a specified amount of time, it will hide those apps for you automatically.
  • Backgound Choices - Make your workspace your own. Choose to hide your Desktop with your regular Desktop image, a different image, a smooth gradient, or a solid color. The choice is yours!
  • AutoHide - Add applications to the Desktopple AutoHide list, and when you launch those applications, Desktopple will automatically hide your Desktop. And when you're done with those applications, Desktopple can automatically show the Desktop again!
  • Menu Dimming - Need to focus on the task at hand? Dim the Menu Bar when you hide the Desktop for a distraction-free workspace. Choose a solid color, or have the menu bar blend in with the background. Great for Getting Things Done!
  • Desktop Files - When your Desktop is hidden, it's hard to get to files that you store there. A quick trip to your Desktopple menu will list all the items on your Desktop. Click to open, and keep working.
  • Multiple Screens - Got more than one Desktop you need to hide? Not only does Desktopple support multiple screens, but you can configure each screen separately.
  • Ignore Exposé - Set Desktopple to ignore Exposé and you'll still keep your Desktop covered, even when Exposé-ing.
  • HotKey Support - Set up a HotKey, and giving yourself a shiny, squeaky-clean Desktop is only a keystroke away.
  • Automator Support - With the handy, built-in Desktopple Automator action, you can integrate Desktop-hiding right into your workflow.

What's New

Version 1.3.2 includes several fixes and performance enhancements.


Mac OS X 10.5 or later


Current Version (1.x)


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05 Feb 2008
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