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Set MacBook minimum fan speed.   Free
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iCyclone lets the user set the minimum speed of the built-in fans. So you can increase your minimum fan speed to make your Mac run cooler with manual mode or let the program set the minimum fan speed for an apporpriete Idle temp with Automatic mode. In order not to damage your machine iCyclone does not allow you to set minimum speed to a rate under Apple's defaults.
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Version 0.9.5b2: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacMini.

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Master_Gismo reviewed on 28 Jul 2012
Can't find it.
The link goes to another site.
[Version 0.9.5b2]

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Momijigari replied on 02 Jul 2013
Here's a working link:

neoprolog commented on 06 Sep 2009
This is the best fan control app ever on mac. I have also tried SMCFancontrol and FanControl, all off them overwrites apple's defaults and closes auto increment of fanspeed.

This is what i'm looking for, never try anything else.
thanks to developer.
[Version 0.9.5b2]



Znort reviewed on 19 Jun 2008
The App does what it says.

I was looking for an altrnative to FanControl since it acted quite strange on my MAcBookPro.
The automatic adjustment of fan speed corresponding to the temperature is the feature the macBook needs to run cooler, because by default the fans kick in at 80 C, which is already quite hot.

Unfortunately on my computer the automatic- mode seems to work randomly: it would ignore the given lower threshold and right away speed up to 2500- 3500 rpm, which under normal use is already quite noisy.

I think i´ll switch back to FanControl and just deal with it´s random freakouts.
[Version 0.9.5b2]

sndtech tipped on 07 Jan 2008
the MBP fans are designed to run at a max speed of 6000RPMs this will speed will occur with apple's own fan settings if the machine is under a heavy processor load. your fans are no being damaged by this program, its dust that cakes onto the blades and causes the fans to go off balance. Applecare will cover this issue and replace your fans for free.
[Version 0.9.5b2]


cougarblue commented on 22 Dec 2007
I've used iCyclone for about 3 months on my MacBookPro. I found that it did indeed reduce the heat coming out of the bottom of the MBP when I was holding it on my lap or using it in bed. I normally had it set at 2000 or 3000 rpm in manual. When I did a startup, regardless of my previous settings in would go into Automatic mode. That brought about a serious problem all users of iCyclone need to be aware of. The program had my fans running at 5000-5400 rpm which destroyed both fans. I cannot use the computer until I get an expensive repair. The only warning was a sudden rattling noise which got louder over 2 minutes then the fan died. One fan died a day after the first, when I thought I had disabled the program. Unfortunately I did a restart, the program started in Auto mode, killing the fan in less than 5 minutes.
My advice DON'T USE iCYCLONE in a MBP or risk killing the fans. They are NOT made to operate at 5000+ rpm which iCyclone will push them up to.
[Version 0.9.4]


smpdigital tipped on 11 Apr 2007
Why can't I run this app on my iMac core duo? I think it should be available to all intel macs
[Version 0.8.2]

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Mudflapper commented on 24 Jan 2008
This is a little late, but I use smcFanControl 2.1.2 to control the fans in my iMac Core Duo. iCyclone may work as well, I just haven't tried it yet.

joeschisa commented on 04 Mar 2007
Tentatively wish this was available for powerbook G4. Mine was sent to Apple twice for "lower RAM memory slot failure" which seems to be due to overheating the solder connection between the RAM chip and its IC board. But then I would wonder if increased fan speed goes beyond what the fan may be designed to handle (i.e. wear and tear) over some period of time (I have no idea).
[Version 0.8.2]


fahlman commented on 04 Dec 2006
Now that we have that all straightened out I'm going to give it a try. As I said in my previous post I really like the GUI. Thank you for taking the best features of two open source applications and combining them to offer us this application.
[Version 0.7.2]

WakeApp S.r.l (developer) commented on 03 Dec 2006
For whom that can be irritated that i take the idea from smcFanControl of Hendrik Holtmann (and also the principal code) and think that i don't metion him , i'm sorry. I make my thanks to him in About panel of program in credits (i have also make my credits to others developer form whom i take ideas and code). For the missing credits on site i ask again excuse but i take all this in my free time and i'm still warking on it, so have a little of patience and in this days i'll take all the site up.

[Version 0.7.2]


Hendrik-Holtmann commented on 03 Dec 2006
Yes, it is based on parts of the source-code of smcFanControl. I am the author of smcFanControl and most parts are 1:1 copied. It copies parts of Fan Control (another fan app) for the automatic control mode as well. This is ok, cause both apps are Open-Source and it's a welcome addition to the existing apps. But in my opinion the author of iCyclone should at least mention the other authors in credits he uses source-code from.
[Version 0.7.2]

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WakeApp S.r.l (developer) replied on 03 Dec 2006
if you hed have look the program with more attention you can see that i mention the other developers and that i also tnx all that where i take ideas and code. If you see in the About panel you can see my credits and i'm also completing the page of credits on site, if you give me that time....i only develope a free program from others free program and release the code, don't think i have do something of so orrible. And at last it isn't a copy is an improvement and more have to come.

Hendrik-Holtmann replied on 03 Dec 2006
My comment was not meant as an offense. I just got some mails by people that were irritated cause icyclone and smcfancontrol look so similar and they kinda pointed me at the credits thing-maybe they just looked on the web-site and found it missing there.
Of course your program is a welcome addition and improvement.
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Type:Utilities : System
Date:06 Jan 2008
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
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iCyclone lets the user set the minimum speed of the built-in fans. So you can increase your minimum fan speed to make your Mac run cooler with manual mode or let the program set the minimum fan speed for an apporpriete Idle temp with Automatic mode. In order not to damage your machine iCyclone does not allow you to set minimum speed to a rate under Apple's defaults.

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