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Workflow-focused organizer for your files and apps.   Demo ($29.95)
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Ready-Set-Do! is simple, reliable workflow on a Mac. It comprehensively integrates all of your files and programs into David Allen's GTD ("Getting Things Done") workflow without locking you into a particular program.
What's New
Version 1.5.7:
  • Fixed the Select Mail to RSD Inbox script to add the appropriate attachments to the folders when processing emails.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Intel/PPC, OS X 10.4 or later

MacUpdate - Ready-Set-Do!

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Ready-Set-Do! User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Todd's Apps (developer) commented on 24 Aug 2012
Ready-Set-Do! 1.5 now includes integration with TaskPaper (sold separately) for iPhone / iPad and the ability to filter tasks by project tag. In addition, the help materials have been updated with lots of helpful information. It is now a searchable PDF document with a table of contents. The website has also been given a new look with a productivity blog, podcast, and video tutorials.
[Version 1.5]


Brendalaw reviewed on 01 Jul 2011
To complicated for everyday use.
[Version 1.4.5]

Todd'S Apps (developer) commented on 14 Feb 2010
The newest version of Ready-Set-Do! now has a "Translate RSD" option for users who would like to translate Ready-Set-Do! into their target language. This option can also be used to customize just about every button and setting in RSD to the user's liking. There have also been some significant new feature additions since the release of 1.2. Users can consult the "How to Use Ready-Set-Do!" and "Version History" files that download with the zip file or consult the Ready-Set-Do! website for more info.
[Version 1.4.4]


zentask commented on 22 May 2008
On a german driven system, 1.2 went fine, 1.3 is nearly useless by now because of errors. Hope this will be fixed with the language modules.
[Version 1.3]



Mathias-Rhein reviewed on 05 Oct 2007
I am using RSD now for about half a year, reading David Allen's book that laid the base for this app. RSD's approach is absolutely inspiring: let's take what is there and mold it into a productivity system that improves scheduling and achieving goals.

starting off as a crude list of scripts the system got very fast very complex right now reaching far beyond the scopes of 90% of GTD programs out there. The beauty still remains the fact that You put the basic OSX folder architecture to Your use...

- the good: this thing is crash-proof if You work it in the paths intended as well as totally version- independent- all versions of OSX, provided they still work with folders, should run this system!

-the bad: mostly the good which is true for this idea as well: modifications as moving Your home directory could cause major trouble in even installing the scripts, not to tell of running them

summing it up i think this really has a big potential for
[Version 1.2]

Todd'S Apps (developer) commented on 07 Feb 2007
Ready-Set-Do! now works with all international date formats.

The large download size for Ready-Set-Do! has to do with three Quicktime movie tutorials that teach users how to juggle the GTD habits and get the most out of Ready-Set-Do!. The actual footprint of the program itself is rather small - approximately 5MB.
[Version 1.1]


Robert commented on 29 Dec 2006
87MB for scripts? Wow!

"NOTE: OS X must be set to "English" language & formats to "U.S." or else scripts won't work."


Is AppleScript necessarily like that?
[Version 1.0]


Espiridion commented on 31 Oct 2006
Very interesting approach, and Todd is very responsive to ideas and comments. While this version 1 is not right for me, I will definitely keep my eye on future releases.
[Version 1.0]

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Version Downloads:67
Type:Utilities : AppleScript
Date:05 Feb 2014
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $29.95
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Ready-Set-Do! is simple, reliable workflow on a Mac. It comprehensively integrates all of your files and programs into David Allen's GTD ("Getting Things Done") workflow without locking you into a particular program.

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