Xnntp 0.7.4
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nntp newsreader.   Free
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Xnntp is a nntp newsreader for OS X 10.4.11 or later
What's New
Version 0.7.4:
  • Fixed key view loop
  • QuickLook generator for preview.
  • Quick navigation in threads.
  • More predefined filters.
  • CoreData optimized.
  • Vertical scroll to expand threads.
  • Growl integration.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later

  • MT-NewsWatcher...

  • Nemo

  • MacSoup

  • Thoth
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ver. 0.x:
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Jazzyguy commented on 07 Dec 2013
It does do pictures,but you have to click on the yenc button in the menu bar and download the pictures to your desktop.
[Version 0.7.4]



Jazzyguy reviewed on 05 Dec 2013
This works on MAVERICKS!!! It is a great Newsreader but it doesn't do pictures too well but it is FREE (as in beer) and it does ext very well.
[Version 0.7.4]


FLASH1296 commented on 17 May 2009
This appl' installs and launches quickly, the interface looks fine.

The problem (for me) is that my I S P (Time Warner - Road Runner) does NOT provide the feed for Usenet newsgroups.

I really wish that I could access usenet. Any ideas ? Anyone ? Anyone ?
[Version 0.7.3]

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Fenrisulf replied on 17 May 2009
Google is your friend.... or pay for giganews...

Jazzyguy replied on 05 Dec 2013
A lot of the ISP's no longer have USENET newsreaders.If you have one you are lucky.RoadRunner has a free service which I don't use.For the most part because Usenet is no longer a popular feature I use Giganews which give me good service and their retention is good. But they cost $.

Tlance replied on 17 Mar 2014
Individual.net is solid. Costs 10 Euro a year and is only text. IMNSHO well worth it.
Pixxan commented on 19 Mar 2008
When I try to open the file "Xnntp-Alpha-for-10.4.11+.pkg.zip" my system (intel/10.4.11) responds with: This package type requires Mac OS X 10.5.
[Version 0.6.1]

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MacUpdate-Lon replied on 19 Mar 2008
You should contact the developer via the developer's site.
Pixxan replied on 19 Mar 2008
Done. Thanks.

Josef K. had trouble on 07 Dec 2008
I can't manage to view messages in thread, just got the list of available messages
Am I missing something or isn't implemented yet?
[Version 0.6.2]

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Josef K. commented on 08 Dec 2008
got a message from the author: it seems will be implemented in next version

Josef K. replied on 05 May 2009
threaded view still doesn't work (version 0.7.2) :(
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Type:Internet : Newsreaders
Date:25 Jun 2009
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Xnntp is a nntp newsreader for OS X 10.4.11 or later

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